Social distancing means that we’re all spending quite a bit more time on the web. Connecting with our friends and coworkers over Zoom, streaming our favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows, and researching the best recipes for banana bread. And while all of these options are worthwhile investments of our time in isolation, some companies and universities want to help you learn new skills as well!


If you’re going a little stir-crazy, why not direct that extra energy toward a new hobby or skill-set? Online courses have become much more accessible -- with many businesses offering these services for free! So if you’ve been wanting to learn the guitar or master the art of negotiation, make sure to check out these five amazing opportunities available this spring.

Guitar  -- Fender

Has your guitar been sitting around the house, gathering dust over the years? If you’ve been meaning to learn the instrument, but haven’t had the time, then you’re in luck! Fender is currently offering free online lessons, for three months. Learn to play your favorite songs on the guitar, bass, or ukulele. You’ll be hosting your own Zoom sing-a-long in no time!

Computer Programming -- Harvard

Tech jobs are in demand, now more than ever. So why not take this time to expand your skill-set to include some programming. Harvard is currently offering a free online Introduction to Computer Science through EDX. The course covers all of the basics, like “Familiarity in a number of languages, including C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML.” At no cost to you, this Ivy League Intro is certainly worth your time. 

Modern Art -- MoMA

Curious about Contemporary Art, but don’t know where to begin? MoMA has got you covered! The Museum of Modern Art has joined forces with Coursera to bring you a free, five-week course in Modern Art and Ideas. Over the course, you’ll learn how artists are inspired by their environment, express identity, and respond to social and political issues through their work. 

Negotiation -- Stanford

While we often think of negotiation as a sales or business tactic, there are plenty of other opportunities to practice this important skill throughout our lives. Whether you’re hoping to grow your company or maintain better interpersonal relationships, Stanford’s The Art Of Negotiation course -- hosted through Alison -- is ideal for you.  You’ll finish with a greater understanding of communications, and the confidence to put your new techniques into practice. 

Photography -- Nikon

While the majority of modern images are taken through Instagram filters and iPhone’s portrait mode, there is an entire art form dedicated to the photograph. So if you’re interested in upping your selfie game, Nikon has you covered. The camera company is currently offering all of their online courses -- for free. Say cheese!