Social distancing has certainly taken its toll on all of our daily lives. And this is even more true if you have children. Trying to balance working from home with a house full of kids can feel overwhelming. However, this can also be an amazing time for the family to bond! If you’re looking for a few ideas on how to spend time with your kids during self-isolation, we’ve got you covered. 

Create a (mini) Garden

Unless you’re blessed with outdoor space, you may not have room for a full garden. But that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your kiddos the basics of botany! Get some small pots or a windowsill garden bed, and let your children play in the dirt, plant seeds, and care for them as they grow. It’ll be a wonderful project and they can learn how to care for plants in the process. 

Alphabet Kids

Stonehenge has some great event options -- including Alphabet Kids! Every month we host a gathering for parents and children to come together, and we’re continuing it during social-distancing. Check out upcoming dates for our Zoom-based events. 

Zoom Playdates

Speaking of Zoom, why not use the platform to create playdates with your kids’ friends! Coordinate a dance party or craft night with fellow parents, then let your children see their buddies over the video conferencing service. It will help them continue to feel connected with peers during this time. 

Movie Night

This time can put quite a bit of stress on parents, which is why it’s important to incorporate downtime into your weekly schedule. But just because you need to unwind, doesn’t mean you can’t also spend time with your kids! Plan a weekly movie night -- pop some popcorn, gather the blankets, and work your way through that unending Netflix queue. 

Bake Together

Baking seems to be one of the tastiest hobbies to emerge from this period of self-isolation, so why not use this as an opportunity to bond with your children! Not only will you get to spend some quality time teaching them the fundamentals of baking, but you also get to reap the yummy benefits as well. A perfect quarantine activity!