Fighting Fatigue At Work

August 13th, 2018

The New York hustle ~ It’s both thrilling, and tiring. The countless hours we spend pursuing dreams and building businesses can often result in a lack of self-care. And while it’s important to focus on health while building your empire, all too often we end up  dealing with fatigue. Fatigue, which is characterized by chronic tiredness, often results in lack of focus and loss of productivity. It is a symptom of certain health conditions, technology overuse, or simply not getting enough sleep. So if you find yourself constantly needing a boost of energy in the office, check out these seven tips for fighting fatigue at work.
  1. Call Your Doctor
If you’re experiencing ongoing fatigue, make sure you’re up-to-date on your yearly physical. While there are multitudes of underlying causes for feeling chronically tired, it’s always best to check in with medical professional to rule out anything major. Because no matter how much sleep you’re getting certain ailments, like anemia or heart disease, require medical attention. Likewise, it’s always helpful to pay attention to the side effects of any current medication. If your daily prescription causes fatigue, ask your doctor about other options.
  1. Get Some Sleep
No, we’re not suggesting that you nap on the job! However, you should be getting around  6-8 hours of quality sleep each night to help fight daytime fatigue. Also the body performs best when kept to a routine, so aim for a consistent bedtime each night.
  1. Hydrate!
Most people don’t realize when they’re dehydrated, which is a common cause of fatigue. Not getting enough H2O results in low energy levels, lack of focus, and decreased physical performance. The problem is, most modern employees work in temperature controlled office settings, leading to a lack of awareness when it comes to water consumption. So make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout your work day.
  1. Keep a Well-Stocked Snack Drawer
You’ve heard it before ~ eating smaller, more frequent meals much better for energy levels and digestion than three larger portions throughout the day. So when it comes to keeping steady blood sugar levels, opt for fuel in the form of proteins and complex-carbohydrates rather than sugary snacks. And if you’re stuck looking for pick-me-up in the office vending machine, choose mixed nuts or trail mix. These will provide sustainable energy that won’t put you in danger of a 3pm sugar crash.
  1. Incorporate Aromatherapy
If you’re suffering from regular fatigue, reach for those essential oils. Aromatherapy has been proven to enhance focus and lift energy levels. Opt for peppermint or citrus-based oils if you’re in need of a quick boost. Add a few drops to your diffuser to instantly elevate your mood.
  1. Take a Walk
Not only does exercise help with blood flow, taking even a 10 minute walk outdoors can increase your vitamin D intake, which is crucial for maintaining energy levels. (Hello, sunshine!) Too cold to leave the office? Try chair yoga. It’s a more subtle way to integrate movement into your day, without having to endure extreme weather.
  1. Rest Your Eyes
While we would never suggest sleeping at work (see #2), constantly looking at your phone and computer screen is a surefire way to zap energy levels. So whenever you’re feeling drained, take five minute break for your eyes. Try meditating or listening to your favorite song. This will help you refocus your energy in a way that is productive to the rest of your work day.