Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

June 4th, 2018

Father’s Day has a tendency to sneak up on all of us--even dads. Dad's special day is only about 10 days away right now, so it’s time to figure out what you’re getting the old man! Most Dads are cryptic and hard to buy for. What do you buy the man who already has it all? Stonehenge NYC is here to help with a comprehensive 2018 Father’s Day gift guide. Personalized Barley Pub Glasses: It’s not too late for you to order Dad his very own brewery. Kind of. These personalized Pub glasses can be customized with your Dad’s name and hometown to make it look like they come from his very own brewery. They’re the perfect personalized conversation starter! You can never have enough drink ware. shutterstock_599970113 Nato Watch Strap: If your dad has a watch, chances are it’s a pretty nice one. That fancy bracelet it’s set on is great for work days, but he might want something a little less formal for the weekends. You can pick up a more casual looking Nato strap on Amazon for about $10. It’s easy to buy him a few options to mix and match with. shutterstock_523529122 Custom Sound Wave Poster: Turn Dad’s favorite song into a cool piece of minimalist art. Tell the makers what your dad’s favorite song is and they’ll create a totally unique piece of art just for dad. This handsomely framed image will look great hanging in his study. shutterstock_241408156 Whiskey Club Membership: Does dad enjoy a whiskey every once in a while? It’s certainly a manly drink; perfect for that rugged dad image he’s trying to nail down. Hook dad up with the Taster’s Club monthly whiskey membership. Each month, a new bottle of excellent whiskey will be delivered right to his door. Each bottle comes with a neat little booklet explaining the history and traits of the individual whiskey, so Dad can slowly but surely become a real expert. shutterstock_735517663 (1) Engraved Money Clip: Chances are Dad has been carrying around a ratty old wallet for years. Daily use has taken its toll and his once-handsome wallet is now little more than a smelly piece of leather. Isn’t it time Dad had something a bit more personal? An engraved wallet from Things Remembered is cool and personal. Not only that, but if it ever gets stolen there will be no doubt who it actually belongs to when they recover it! shutterstock_161520962 Meat Lover’s Snacking Pack: Even though there are plenty of vegan Dad’s out there, we’d be willing to bet there are a lot more carnivorous ones. It’s time to reward Dad with a whole bunch of meaty goodness. This giant pack has a huge variety of meats so dad can sample a wide array of tasty treats! shutterstock_360730604 Wahl Clipper: Like most men, Dad probably deals with a never ending plague of uncooperative body hair. It seems like it grows from everywhere! Do your part in the the war against unruly beard, ear and nose hair by gifting Dad with one of the best cordless trimmers in the world. It’s sleek, uncomplicated, and surprisingly versatile. shutterstock_766364941 Sangean Analog Radio: We get it, you listen to all of your music on Pandora and Spotify--but Dad might not! He grew up listening to his favorite tunes on the radio, and though the format is losing popularity there are still plenty who love it. Hook your dad up with a smooth retro radio from Sangean. With mid-century looks, impeccable tuning, and great speakers you really can't go wrong. Dad is guaranteed to have a great time with this throwback. shutterstock_721985524 BUNN Velocity Brew: We dare you to find a coffee maker that brews a full pot of great coffee faster than a BUNN. Their patented coffee-tech will ensure that your Dad has the very best cup of coffee in record time. If Dad has been scraping by with a crummy old coffee maker this just might be your chance to totally change his world. It really is worth splurging a little on one of these bad boys. shutterstock_261745823 Yourself: Let’s be honest--the thing that Dad really wants for his special day is to see his kids. As we grow older and get busier it becomes harder and harder to find time for Dad. Take some time out of your busy schedule to visit your favorite old man. Take him out do dinner or just go for a walk. You’ll both be glad you did. shutterstock_301721741