Fab Fashion Week Tips

August 29th, 2018

Fashion Week is right around the corner. While you may not be the most fashionable person on earth, you certainly try your best. Still, most of us fall into a routine when it comes to what we wear. The same shirts, styles, and looks are endlessly recycled. You might even be committing some fashion faux-pas you weren’t aware of! In honor of NYC Fashion Week, we're excited to bring you some handy tips to make your outfit look even better. For Men: There are a lot of men who don’t think too deeply about what they choose to wear, which is a darn shame. A great looking outfit will make you appear more professional and more attractive. Who doesn’t want that? Why not try… Shirt Stays: If you’re a man who wears dress shirts, you’ve probably had this problem. You get dressed up, tuck in your shirt, but within minutes it’s come half untucked. That pouchy, billowy, extra material that slowly tugs and pulls up from your waistline. It's unsightly, and it doesn’t do your waistline any favors. You want to look slim and trim, not paunchy and bloated! shutterstock_1013930767 The solution is shirt stays. Yes, we know, they kind of look like garters for men. They clip your shirt tails to your socks, ensuring that your shirt always stays tucked tight. It seems weird, but they're more comfortable than you might think. If you think they look unmanly, just remember that in the military, they’re required with any formal uniform. That’s right, those big tough Marines wear them too. Tame That Collar: If you wear anything that could be described as business casual or fancier, chances are most of your shirts have collars. Your shirt collar ties your look together and helps balance out your face and body. But collars don’t always look perfect. They lie flat, they get rumpled, and they can look kind of crappy, especially if you’re not wearing a tie. shutterstock_144490510 If your collar doesn’t cooperate, you might need a fashion anchor. This simple, but revolutionary technology is a sticky little disposable button that you can place anywhere. If your collar doesn’t stand up straight, add an invisible button underneath! Test the Fit Without Trying it On: What’s the most annoying part of buying new clothes? Waiting in line for the dressing room has to be up there. If you’re trying to update your pants, there’s nothing more annoying than trying on several pairs of pants only to find that none of them fit. shutterstock_1101240557 Lucky for you there’s a secret way to test the fit of those pants before you take them into the dressing room. For reasons may never be known, if you make a fist, the distance from that fist to your elbow is roughly the size of your waist. That means you can test fit those pants super fast. Of course, if you’re carrying around a few extra pounds, this trick probably won’t work for you. For Women: You’re a woman. You pride yourself on your vast fashion knowledge and skill at dressing well. Still, it’s important to look as fab as possible. Cut Down on Clothes: We know, we know, you love clothes. But you live in New York City, which means closet space is at a premium. You need to make sure you’re actually wearing the clothes you own. If not, they need to go--if only to make room for more new clothes. But how do you know which clothes you truly love? shutterstock_786390610 Here’s the solution. Simply take all of your hangers and turn them around. Whenever you use a piece of clothing, put it back in your cloest the regular way after washing. After about six months or so, you’ll notice that some of the hangers are still backwards. Those clothes are the one that you subconsciously don’t have any use for. It’s time to donate them to a good cause. Use a Paperclip: In hot summer weather, a tank top, or anything sleeveless really, will help cool you those extra few degrees. There’s just one problem. With many of these outfits, your bra straps are visible. That pretty much pushes anything that shows your shoulders and back into the realm of inappropriate work attire. It also makes your outfit feel a bit cluttered. shutterstock_1023027550 The humble paperclip can bring your outfit together better than you might think. Simply attach it to both of your bra straps to pull them together in an hourglass shape across your back. You may have to adjust the straps to keep things comfortable, but you’ll undoubtedly notice that the straps will have vanished from your sight! Save Your Favorite Clothes: Nothing is more disastrous than losing a favorite piece of clothing to an unexpected accident. In the past, spilling red wine on your clothes was an irrecoverable tragedy. But red wine can be quickly and easily removed if you pour club soda on the stain and blot with a towel. Even better, keep a product like Wine Away nearby at all times. shutterstock_215480743 What about more insidious stains, the kind that creep up on you over time? We’re talking about deodorant stains, which will slowly but surely turn the armpits of your clothes an unsightly yellow. Mix a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and water. You shouldn’t need too much. Soak the affected part of your clothes and let them sit for a half hour before washing. Your yellow pit stains should be gone! If they’re not, repeat the process again before drying. Be warned, if you do dry those clothes, the stains can set in permanently, so attack them before it's too late!