March has arrived. That means there’s a whole bunch of fun things to do and see in our great city. Whether you’re looking for a movie, great food, or just a good time you will not be disappointed. This is everything going on in NYC in the month of March!

New York International Children’s Film Festival: Got kids? Kids love movies. This is your chance to entertain them with an entire festival dedicated to movies for your little ones. (March 1st-15th)

Philip K Dick Film Festival: From Blade Runner to Minority Report, few Science Fiction authors have been more frequently adapted to the screen than Philip K Dick. The Museum of the Moving Image celebrates Dick and his stories with a fantastic futuristic film fest. (March 4th-8th)

The Armory Show: Old school art is great, but there is some truly amazing modern art out there too. You can see a whole bunch of it at Piers 90 and 94 this month. You just might find that perfect piece. (March 5th-15th)

New York International Antiquarian Book Fair: If dusty old scrolls and weighty leather tomes are the kind of thing you find irresistible, you won’t want to miss the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair. It’s where collectors and sellers come together to dig through forgotten manuscripts and discover rare treasures. (March 5th-8th)

New York City Whiskey Festival: Another month, another whiskey festival. If you’re a lover of the water of life, this is the festival for you. Just try not to drink too much! (March 7th)

NYC Winter Wine Festival: Whiskey not your thing? No worries, there’s also a big wine festival happening the same day. You’ll sample incredible wines from across the globe and dodge the winter weather with a glass of the good stuff. (March 7th)

Holi in the City: It’s that time of year when you see strangers covered in psychedelic dust wandering around the city. Ever wonder what that’s all about? Perhaps now would be a good time to find out. (March 7th, 14th, and 21st)

Cochon555: Who doesn’t love a giant roasted pig? Cochon 555 is an event where 5 winemakers and 5 chefs come together to prepare 5 delicious pigs. Their competition is your opportunity to try some truly splendid pork! (March 8th)

American Classical Orchestra-Concerti Stravaganti- If you’re a fan of the finer things, you won’t want to miss this incredible baroque concerti. Legendary musicians and renowned soloists come together for a truly breathtaking evening. (March 12th)

Evening Jazz Cruise with Classic Harbor Line: It may be cold on the water, but it’s warm inside this luxurious boat, especially with the dulcet tones of live jazz music to keep you company. It’s a great way to appreciate the city and spend time with someone special. (Begins March 13th)

Irish Arts Center St. Patrick’s Open Day: The Police Athletic League and The Irish Art Center invite you to celebrate Saint Patrick’s early this year. There will be workshops, movies, crafts, and all kinds of exhibitions! (March 14th)

Women of the World Festival: The Apollo Theater hosts the Women of the World Festival. This event explores the impact that girls and women have on the world. With fascinating speakers and thought-provoking presentations, it’s both educational and important. (March 14th)

Saint Patrick’s Scavenger Hunt: Prepare for Saint Patty’s Day with an epic scavenger hunt. It begins at Slattery’s Pub and takes you across our great city to discover clues. May the luck o’ the Irish be with you. (March 15th)

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade: Take to the streets in this celebration of Irish pride. The NYC Parade is bigger, better, and older than almost any other Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in the entire country! (March 17th)

Sober Saint Patrick’s Day: Those who prefer not to drink can feel a little left out on Saint Patrick’s Day. No more! Sober Saint Patrick’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate your Irish heritage without the pressure to consume alcohol. With traditional music, dancing, and food, it’s a welcome respite from the usual Saint Patrick’s Day shenanigans. (March 17th)

Architectural Digest Design Show: Are you interested in designing your own home someday or just a fan of cool interiors and exteriors? The Architectural Digest Design Show is your chance to get up close and personal with incredible interiors. (March 19th-22nd)

Coffee and Tea Festival NYC: Coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages help the world go round. Each year, Brooklyn hosts an unforgettable celebration of wonderful warm drinks. Make sure you show up ready to sample! (March 21st & 22nd)

Macy’s Flower Show: Nothing says spring quite like the breathtaking Macy’s Flower Show. For two weeks, the world's largest department store will be transformed into a breathtaking array of flowers and floral designs. You can shop and enjoy the natural beauty all at once. (March 22nd-April 5th)

Affordable Art Fair: You don’t have to sell your kidneys to afford a gorgeous and creative piece of art. The Affordable Art Fair features the works of lesser-known, but still amazingly talented creators. You might wind up owning something from the next Picasso! (March 27th-29th)