Create A Successful Morning Routine

October 2nd, 2018

There is nothing more valuable than time. It’s a resource we cannot accumulate or return. And while there are countless methods to simplifying your life, one of the most prevalent time-saving systems is integrating a successful morning routine. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to start your day off at 5:30 am (but if you want to, go for it!) Rather the importance of a morning routine comes down to structure and focus. By creating healthy habits within the first hour of waking, you’re able to effectively begin each day with clarity and productivity. If you’re stuck on figuring out how to create this structure, don’t worry ~ here’s a simple, yet effective way to craft a successful morning routine. Prep the Night Before A successful morning begins the night before, so take the time to prepare. The less willpower you need to get going at 6am, the better. Create a goal list for what you want to accomplish the next day. Meal prep for the week. And set aside your outfit to avoid spending extra time figuring out styles. Not only will this minimize the time you need in the morning, it will also give you a few less excuses to stick to your routine. Don’t Snooze! Okay, this may be the hardest step in the entire routine~ but it will absolutely make a difference when it comes to starting your day off right. Set your alarm for the time you wish to wake up, and stick to it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t hit snooze. And definitely don’t set multiple alarms with the subconscious plan of sleeping through the first three. Going back to sleep after initially waking has the potential of throwing your body back into REM cycle, which (if broken) will leave you feeling much more sluggish than if you’d woken up with your initial alarm. Hydrate You just spent the past 7-8 hours in complete fasting mode. Your body needs to refuel! And while it may be tempting to reach for that espresso first thing in the morning, do yourself a favor and drink some water first. At least 8 ounces. This will help rehydrate your system, and provide better long-term energy. Oh, and while you’re at it, eat a healthy breakfast too. Wake Up Your Mind... Nearly every self-help book, podcast, and blog suggests that you begin your day with meditation. And rightly so! Meditating for just 10 minutes a day has been proven to lead to better sleep, increased focus, and lower stress levels. Those are some pretty good reasons to integrate mindfulness into your morning routine. Not sure how to begin? There are some great apps like Headspace or Insight Timer, that can lead you through a guided meditation. … And Your Body You knew this was coming. Exercise: it’s a key factor when it comes to crafting a successful morning routine. But you don’t have to complete an hour-long crossfit w.o.d. to reap the energizing benefits of a morning workout. (Unless of course, you want to). Figure out what works best for your body and time schedule. Perhaps brisk morning walk or a 15-minute yoga routine is exactly what you need to feel energized and confident. The goal isn’t to burn a ton of calories, but rather warm-up your body and focus your mind. Take a Happy Moment Yes, this sounds cheesy, but it’s really important to integrate happiness at the start of your day. Perhaps snuggling with your pup, reading your favorite book, or laughing along with that hilarious podcast ~ whatever brings you joy is just as important as those steps that set you up for a productive day. So figure out what makes you happy, and make sure it stays in your morning routine!