The great outdoors and New York City--you’d be hard-pressed to find two locations more opposite. While we love the city with its restaurants, museums, shows, and endless entertainment, it’s good to get away from it all once in a while. Escaping your apartment and venturing into the wide wilderness is quite a temptation in our current troubling times.

If you need a break from it all, Stonehenge NYC is here to help. We’ve researched the best campgrounds near our great city. Most of them are located mere hours away by car, which means you can slip away from the city on a whim. 

Governor’s Island Retreat:

You really don’t have to go far from NYC to find an amazing outdoor opportunity, as this Governor's Island-based retreat proves. It’s a very short water taxi ride from Manhattan, which means it’s immediately accessible to just about anyone living in the city today.

Of course, this camping trip isn’t quite as authentic as other outdoor options. The focus is more on relaxation than rugged outdoorsy survival. You’ll stay in a tent or small cabin but retain most of the comforts of city life; running water, electricity, and plenty of food and drinks. You’ll even get complimentary breakfast!

This ‘glamping’ experience grants you the joy of spending time out under the open skies while not traveling too far from home. The views may not be particularly natural, but it’s hard to deny the beauty of the Manhattan skyline, New York harbor, and the Statue of Liberty.

Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park:

You don’t have to drive far to reach this Westchester based outdoor refuge. The rugged environment of Sal J Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park doesn’t just offer camping. It also hosts miles of trails through ancient hardwood forests. You’ll forget all about city life as you get back to basics.

The sprawling parkland lets you take it as hard or as easy as you like. You can spring up a tent, sleep in a hammock under the stars, or reserve a cozy cabin or simple yurt if you’d prefer a bit more shelter. Visitors can escape to one of five serene lakes or climb the highest peak in the county.

Love the outdoors so much that you want to get married there? You can do that at this park. Their rustic outdoor event hall can host you and up to 300 guests! A honeymoon in a yurt? It’s more fun than you might think!

Rip Van Winkle Campgrounds:

Don’t worry, there’s no risk that you’ll fall asleep at this campground and wake up 20 years later. That said, this natural bastion is located in the Catskills: the real-life setting of the fictional tale. What is certain is that you will sleep a little easier away from the lights and sounds of New York City.

Rip Van Winkle campground is perfect for families. It’s not as rustic as some getaways but that’s a good thing! Your campground comes with the basics like a fire ring and picnic table but also includes access to hot water, electricity, and even plumbing.

Pitch a tent or park your RV and settle in for some R&R. Rip Van Winkle is located near a small store that can hook you up with firewood, propane, and even some free coffee. Take in the beautiful mountains and feel that stress melt away. It’s the perfect spot to escape for the summer.