Buy or DIY?

January 20th, 2018

Interior design involves a bit of creativity. There are countless resources available to help you craft your home, including everything from pinterest to professional decorators. And while these options are incredibly helpful, living on a budget sometimes means getting a bit more imaginative. But how can you know when it’s worth the splurge? Or what home improvement projects will be more of a hassle than they are helpful? Check out the following examples to determine when it’s best to buy, or just do it yourself. BUY ~ Dresser: While it is certainly possible to make your own dresser, living in Manhattan means we don’t always have the luxury of space for these sort of projects. So when you’re shopping for this essential piece, make sure to consider all of the options. Pay attention to how the wood is coated. If the dresser was painted or has a spray finish, it will chip more easily. Likewise, drawers with a center glide and support beam are proven to hold up better over time. While both of these details may be a bit more expensive upfront, they’re built to last. DIY ~  Headboard: Headboards can be a bit pricey sometimes. So it’s a good thing this piece is incredibly easy to create yourself! Revamp an old wooden door, by turning it sideways to function as a headboard. Sand it down for a rustic look, or paint it a fun hue to add a splash of color. You can mimic a wooden-paneled piece by using peel-and-stick wood to the area above your bed. Or find bold, patterned fabric and create your very own cushioned headboard. The possibilities are endless - and since you’re paying a fraction of the cost, you can mix it up without draining your pocket book! BUY ~ Dish Soap: Whether you use a dishwasher or clean by hand, this household item is not one to skimp on. The best combination is a solution that is tough on bacteria, yet easy on your body. Look for plant-based products that break down grease, but aren’t too drying on the skin. Plus, all-natural ingredients are better on your digestive tract. You will be eating off these dishes after all. No chemicals please! DIY ~ Household Cleaners: Vinegar-based cleaning products are incredibly easy to make, and oh-so affordable! Take care of all your basic surfaces (kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, shower walls, etc) by simply mixing one part white vinegar with one part water into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of lemon oil for a bright, clean scent, and you’re good to go! BUY ~ Bedding: Unless you’re a master seamstress, it’s typically best to purchase bedding. (I mean, figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet is difficult enough!) While this essential item has an incredibly wide price range, make sure to know the basics before making your purchase. Somewhere between 200 and 500 is an ideal for a thread count for super soft sheets. And reach for organic or Egyptian cotton. These fabrics are both comfy and easy to clean. DIY ~ Curtains: All you need are basic sewing skills (or just a little help from YouTube) to make your very own curtains. When picking out what fabric to incorporate, consider the ambience you want from each room. Polyester is both affordable and durable. It’s a great option if you’re just starting out. Both cotton and linen allow for a light, airy vibe - perfect for kitchen and bathroom windows. If you’re wanting to add a bit of romance, opt for long, silk curtains. (But proceed with caution as silk can easily lighten with sun exposure). And if you’re seeking tons of natural light, reach for the lace. This beautiful, sheer fabric is a quick way to spruce up any room.