Big Apple, Small Price

November 7th, 2018

You like to live large and living in NYC makes that easy. There are tons of awesome things to spend money on in this town. But sometimes, it can be fun to be frugal. In a town as pricey as NYC, you’d be shocked to discover how many things are actually a really affordable, and you should never pass up a good deal. You just have to know where to look. Stonehenge NYC is here to let you in on some surprisingly affordable NYC experiences. Inkari Steak: New York City is home to some of the very best steakhouses in all the world. We here at Stonehenge NYC love steak. But going to a steakhouse isn’t something you do every day. All that dry-aged beef, all those cocktails and excellent service can really add up! If only there was some way to enjoy an amazing steak on a reasonable budget. shutterstock_281521253 Our Japanese readers may already be familiar with Inkari steak, as it’s apparently very popular in Japan. Steakhouses are big business there, and Inkari is one of the most popular. What sets Inkari apart from other steakhouses is it’s casual attitude and ‘everyday’ steak attitude. When you want a casual business lunch steak, Inkari is the spot to go. The secret behind Inkari lies in the wet-aging process, which quickly transforms an average cut of beef into something extraordinary. Simply walk into Inkari, order your steak by the ounce, and have an amazing steak delivered to your table in minutes. Their lunch special means your whole meal will be about $20, which is a ridiculous price for a steak this tasty. Improv at UCB: A live comedy show in NYC doesn’t exactly come cheap. Even once you’ve paid for your tickets, most places impose a 2 drink minimum. That means your entertainment for the evening can really add up, and the comedian may not even be funny. shutterstock_665831707 The Upright Citizens Brigade is a great spot to see a funny show for cheap. UCB was founded by a couple of comic geniuses (Amy Poehler and Matt Walsh amongst them) in Chicago back in 1996. Their goal was to teach long-form improv to up and coming funny people. UCB exploded in popularity and it’s alumni went on to star in everything from Saturday Night Live to major motion pictures. UCB moved to NYC in 2003 and have been teaching improv and putting on hilarious shows ever since. If you’d like to see what all the improv fuss is about, you can check out a show at UCB for a mere $8. There are amusing shows just about every night and you can even order drinks. It’s hard to beat that! First Saturdays at The Brooklyn Museum: The Brooklyn Museum is one of the best in the city. Their massive art collection attracts tourists and New Yorkers alike from across the world. Sure, it takes a trip out of Manhattan to make get there, but it is definitely worth the journey, and admission prices are pretty reasonable. shutterstock_373360252 Still, you can get in the door for even cheaper on the first Saturday of each month. How much cheaper? Well, is $0 a low enough price? Yeah--we thought so. From 5pm to 11pm you can get into The Brooklyn Museum for absolutely free. Of course, you do have to wait in line a bit, but it's a very fast moving line. Not only will you be able to experience their world-class galleries and collections you’ll also be able to access The Norm, the museums in-house restaurant. What’s not to love? Oh--and one final thing. If you’re a museum member, you can skip the line and pick up your tickets right at the admissions desk.