10 Awesome Ways to Be An Artist in NYC

September 5th, 2018

Even if you love your job, there’s a chance that you don’t always get to scratch that creative itch. Finding the right artistic hobby is a great way to relax and to challenge yourself in new ways. You may be a tax attorney or a doctor by day, but on your off hours you could be creating! Instead of watching Netflix or going to a bar, consider spending your free time chasing artistic expression. Here are a few amazing ways to be an artist in NYC. Write a Blog: There are plenty of people blogging these days--even us! Believe it or not, there are lots of people on the internet who’d be delighted to read what you have to say. Everyone has a distinctive voice that’s worth sharing. Start by figuring out what it is that interests you the most and then start writing about it every week. shutterstock_520314613 Love food? Blog about your favorite NYC restaurants, or share your favorite recipes. Fascinated by history? Share your knowledge with your online readers. If you’re interested in a topic, chances are there are folks online who want to read about it. Find your voice and start writing! Acting: All the world's a stage, but do you know what's also a stage? A stage. New York City is full of actors trying to make it big. That means there are tons of acting schools and opportunities to perform. shutterstock_700715575 If you've always wanted to give the ancient art of acting a try, there are plenty of places to start. You can audition for shows on websites like www.backstage.com. You can also learn the craft of acting at one of NYC's top-notch acting workshops. You don't have to be a movie star to enjoy working on a short film or a play. Shoot a Vlog: The growing popularity of YouTube has created the vlogger; a guy or gal who always has a camera on, documenting their daily life. If your life is filled with interesting stories, why not share them in this new and interesting format? Along the way you’ll learn how to operate a camera, edit film, and create content that truly speaks to reaches your fans. shutterstock_1041026248 In the old days it was pretty tricky to become famous; now all you need is a great personality and the ability to tell stories in a unique and interesting way. Find out what it is in your life that you’d want to share with your audience. Review films, share recipes, or just explain how to do something most people are unfamiliar with. There’s literally no end to the possibilities. Cover a Canvas: If you’re the kind of person who’s always doodling on the side of your papers, it's time for you to take up drawing or painting. Even if you don’t think you can draw a stick figure you just might enjoy taking an art class. Once you learn a few techniques, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your skills improve. shutterstock_789177421 It’s important to approach art with the right mindset. Don’t judge what you’re creating and try not to worry about what others might think of it either. This solitary act of creation will relax you and help your mind grow in new and surprising ways. If you do it right, it almost becomes a form of meditation. Hit Up an Open Mic: Are you the funniest member of your group of friends? If people laugh at everything you say, it might be time to try your luck in front of a crowd of strangers. Write some jokes and try them out on your friends. Once you have an act that you think will work, it’s time to find an open mic. The hardest part is working up the courage to get up on stage. shutterstock_1015289197 Make sure you invite lots of friends so you’ll have a friendly audience. Keep trying even if you bomb the first time. Most successful comics started off their careers with an seemingly endless wave of failure. Keep tinkering with your act until you find what works. Remember that every audience is different and keep trying. There’s nothing better than having an entire room hanging on to your every word. Throw a Pot: If archeologists are right, and they probably are, humans have been creating pottery since the dawn of time. There's something incredibly satisfying about crafting your own pots, vases, plates, and mugs. It's a true test of your skill and imagination. shutterstock_758881342 Pottery does require a fair amount of equipment and knowledge, so before you go all in we recommend you take a class first. For a reasonable cost most NYC pottery classes will hook you up with all the clay, equipment, and knowledge you need. Just be sure you don't reference that scene from Ghost. They really hate that. Learn to Improvise: If comedy sounds fun but you’re intimidated at the idea of stand up, remember that there is safety in numbers. This city is  packed with hilarious improv groups who hypnotize audiences with their on-the-spot performances. The ability to think on your feet and good comic instincts will serve you well in this pursuit. shutterstock_633130442 It's pretty simple to find an improv class that fits your personality and your schedule. We recommend The Magnet or UCB. These improv schools are filled with brilliant teachers who know how to turn ordinary people into comic actors. Improv is a great way to develop your public speaking skills and a razor sharp wit. Once you fill a room with laughter, you won’t want to stop. Heck, you might go on to start your own improv group some day. Bake the Day Away: Believe it or not, baking is totally a form of art. The ability to take a bunch of ingredients and to create something delicious isn’t as tricky as you might think. Start by baking something simple like a loaf of bread. You’ll might be surprised to find that it’s both relaxing and fun. shutterstock_281793947 Once you catch the baking bug, there’s really no limit to what you can create. Scour the internet (and the Stonehenge Rooftop Blog) for free recipes, and start trying new things. Once you learn the basics, it’s easy to improvise and create your very own recipes. Best of all, you get to eat what you create when you’re done! Sculpt Your Bod: The human body is truly a great work of art. You might think of exercising as a great way to look good and live longer--and you're totally right. And from our perspective, working out is totally a form of art. shutterstock_699574486 It takes a ton of focus, dedication, and knowledge to get the body you want. The time and effort you put into getting and staying fit can be equivalent to that of a great artist, sculpting their masterpiece. If you get super good at exercising, you might even become a trainer. Then your clients will become your artwork as well! Create a Podcast: People love listening to podcasts, especially in NYC. Whether you’re commuting, cleaning, or simply chilling out, there’s always a new podcast to get you through the day. If you think your conversations a pretty interesting, it might be time for you to consider starting your own podcast.  shutterstock_650158813 Thanks to modern technology, it’s incredibly simple to record your thoughts, conversations, and arguments right on your phone. If you start doing it a lot, invest in some microphones and set up an in-home studio. You may not become the Joe Rogan or Dan Carlin, but you’ll definitely have a great time.