We know that many of you are choosing to or have been asked to work from home to reduce your risk of exposure to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). To help support you while you’re not able to access on-site amenities, our friends at Exos have put together some materials to help you work out, fuel, recover, and master your mindset at home.


Article: 5 steps to changing your habits for good

Reset tip: 3 steps to reset your mindset

Stress management tip: Breathing exercise



Article: How important is pre-workout nutrition? 

Recipe: Overnight oats

Recipe: Egg, turkey bacon, and sweet potato hash



Video: 5-minute morning routine (equipment: towel and balance foam pad)

Video: Bodyweight workout

Article: 12 exercises to improve running and walking mechanics



Article: 5 ways to recover better and faster after a workout

Article: Workout leaving you wrecked? Here’s why thats a bad (and a good) thing

Article: 5-minute stretches to do at your desk


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