For the first time ever, most New Yorkers are staying in. For the foreseeable future, we’re all going to be a bit cooped up. A few weeks ago, we lived in a city with more to do and see than any other. Now, we’re stuck in our apartments, trying to figure out what to do with ourselves.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of things to enjoy from the safety of our home. Stonehenge NYC is delighted to present our very first at-home round-up!


Since 1929, The Museum of Modern Art has been a haven for lovers of, well, modern art. This midtown sanctuary may be closed to visitors, but a great deal of their collection can be viewed online. You can’t view everything, but they're offering 84,000 works to peruse at your leisure. That’ll keep you busy for a while.

New York Public Library:

The Lions that flank the New York Public Library are named Patience and Fortitude. Those are two traits we could all use these days. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you don’t have to go to the library to check out a book these days. The New York Public Library's vast collection is also available online, which means you can download your next great read for totally free! Don’t have a library card? Luckily, NYPL has made it possible to get one without an in-person visit.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

The Met is one of the biggest and best art museums on earth, featuring masterpieces that go back as far as 5,000 years. If you miss roaming the Egyptian hieroglyphs and uncovering rare and beautiful objects you still can. Google’s virtual tour of The Met isn’t the real thing, but it’s almost as good!

Met Opera Nightly Opera:

The Metropolitan Opera may be closed to the public, but it’s still a great time to get into Opera. Pour a glass of sherry and put on your finery. Every night at 7:30 pm EDT the Met is streaming performances. Not available at that time? No worries. They’ll remain available for the next 23 hours. It’s time to get cultured!

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum:    

The Guggenheim Foundation is one of our best tools for understanding and appreciating modern artwork. Their incredible museum, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright is something that we should all experience. Haven’t made it yet or just fancy a revisit? Luckily you can tour a large portion of the museum and it’s vast collection online. 

National Theater at Home:

Throughout its storied history, the National Theater has hosted of the best performances ever. If you’re craving a great play or musical, they’ll be able to hook you up. You’ll be able to stream their live performances on Youtube. Even better, if you’re a teacher or student, they’ll grant you access to their entire archive of amazing content.

Living Room Concerts:

Broadway may have gone dark, but its performers are still going to put on a show, even if it means inviting you into their very own living room. Broadway World has arranged daily performances by its biggest stars. Each day brings a new incredible show by a talented Broadway performer. Check out the whole archive by clicking the link above.

Zoo Webcam:

Your cat is cute and friendly, but you’re both probably a bit tired of seeing each other at this point. Satisfy your craving for wildlife variety by visiting the zoo via webcam. Nearly every zoo across the country has a set up like this, so search around for your favorite. We’ve linked the National Zoo’s live feeds above. You can watch lions prowl, elephants hang out, and naked whatever it is that naked mole-rats do.

Visit Brighton Beach:

Feeling really bored? How about a visit to New York’s Brighton Beach? No, not in person. Thanks to a live webcam set up, you can enjoy tranquil views from the safety of your own home. You might even see the occasional beach-goer. They should probably go home and watch the live stream instead.

Aquarium Live Cam:

Want to add a little aquatic vibrancy to your life? Aquariums all over the country are opening up their webcams to the public. You can watch penguins dive, fish dart, and dolphins frolic. It’s the perfect way to feel more in touch with the outside world.