How's quarantine going? Although many of us are heading back to work, countless New Yorkers remain stuck working from home. As the days blend together and we wonder when our city will re-open, the facts of life have changed. There are some facets of quarantine life that we've all become familiar with.

We'll get through this together, so let's all just have a bit of fun! In an effort to bring a bit of levity to the situation, Stonehenge NYC is excited to share animal GIFs that perfectly sum up quarantine life.

When You Realize You Forgot to Mute Your Zoom Call and Your Co-Workers Heard Everything You Did for the Last 10 Minutes:

When You Haven't Gone Outside in So Long You Forget How Shoes Work:

When Your Room Mate is Handling Quarantine Way Better Than You:

When You Decide to Dress Up Nicely Even Though You're Not Going Anywhere:

When You've Been Bingeing Netflix For 8 Hours:

When You Decide It's Time to Actually Get Some Work Done:

When Your Favorite Restaurant Re-Opens:

When You Decide To Finally Take a Shower at 3 pm:

When You Hear an Ice Cream Truck and Wonder if You Should Just Go for It:

When You Decide to Take Up an Instrument to Pass the Time:

When You Realize You Still Love Your Apartment Even After Being Stuck There For Months: