Getting to Know Amanda Hofman, Founder of Urban Girl Squad

January 2nd, 2013


As we welcome 2013, it is a time for taking new chances in the new year. One woman who can help you find those opportunities is Amanda Hofman, founder of the Manhattan-based networking group Urban Girl Squad.  We are proud to have Urban Girl Squad as events partner for several fun Stonehenge happenings throughout the year.  Recently, we spoke with Amanda and asked how she created this unique group of inspired women. 

How did you come up with the idea for Urban Girl Squad?

I went to Barnard and grew up near the city, so I have a really strong network of women in Manhattan.  I often come across women who have moved here recently for work, school, or maybe a boyfriend, and don't have an outlet to make new female friends.  Before I started Urban Girl Squad, I had this persistent, strong drive to try to arrange ways for these women to be plugged into my network of friends.  That was the basis for Urban Girl Squad.

Who is your average member?

Our women are professional women in their 20s and 30s who are looking to change up their day-to-day routine. They love meeting new people and having new experiences.  Whether it's learning how to create a fab "updo" on your own hair or trying belly dancing for the first time, our members are interested in going out and having fun.  But most of all, our members and events are really friendly and welcoming.

Ladies at table creating cupcakes Cupcakes 101. Photo by Bryan Sargent.

How does someone become a member?

Membership is free!

ladies getting new haiirstyles Get Your Hair Done! Easy Updo’s Event. Photo by Bryan Sargent

What happens at Urban Girl Squad events?

When you arrive at *any* Urban Girl Squad event, from volunteering to wine tasting, you'll first be greeted by our awesome staff.  From there, you can expect to learn a new skill (rifle shooting and pole dancing are some of our sexiest) or pick up some fun new knowledge (intro to beer tasting or learning negotiation techniques to use in the office, for example).  We nearly always have wine or champagne and some kind of fun shopping opportunity going on, too.  You can expect to have fun, that's for sure!

woman working on crafts with kids UGS Offers Many Volunteering Opportunities. Photo by Bryan Sargent.

What are the benefits of being a member?

You get to join a community of women who are friendly, fun, and interesting!  Our members span all industries (from actors to financial planners) and are the perfect contacts to expand your personal and professional network.  At our events, you can expect to meet lots of new women and have a new, unexpected experience in the city.

crowd shot at singles party Friend of a Friend Singles Party. Photo by Bryan Sargent

Is there a myth you’d like to burst about UGS?

That you have to come with a friend!  Our events are designed so that you can feel 100% confident coming on your own.   We're even launching a new matching system where you can meet women who are attending your event ahead of time over email.

Who is Amanda Hofman in one sentence?

This is a hard one, I'd say;  "Amanda Hofman is a passionate entrepreneur who is head over heels for her new baby, Ella!"

Amanda Hofman in purple striped shirt outside in Upper West Side of NYC. Amanda (pictured here) enjoys her Upper West Side neighborhood.

Describe your perfect New York Sunday afternoon.

That would be in the fall when the weather is perfect, walking through the farmers market near my apartment, sampling baked treats with my daughter and husband and some friends; and then walking through Central Park.

What is the best restaurant in NYC?

Gennaro's on Amsterdam at 92nd.  It's fantastic Northern Italian food.  The waiters there definitely know who I am

Why do you love living in NY?

I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!  It's so nice to live where all of my friends and family live.  I love everyone's willingness to go out -- from what I hear about other cities, particularly places where you need to drive to get around -- people are more reluctant to meet up after work.  I'm a do-er, and NYC is filled with people like me!

Stonehenge is proud to partner with Urban Girl Squad for several terrific events throughout the year. Through this partnership, residents enjoy all the benefits of a unique UGS experience, right at home!