All of the Lights

February 3rd, 2018

Lighting is frequently an afterthought when it comes to interior decorating. With so many apartments including built-in overhead fixtures, it makes sense that this element of design tends to fall by the wayside. However, the overall tone and ambience of your living space should be built to shift with your mood. So when it comes to lighting, create layers that allow you to tailor your home to fit your personal style and needs. Salt Lamps: Not only does this underutilized light cast a subtle, relaxing glow on a room, but himalayan salt lamps have a plethora of health benefits as well. The salt draws in moisture from the air, which is often comprised of dust, bacteria, pollen, and smoke (especially in New York). Salt lamps work as a filter, by attracting these particles and purifying the air. This in turn improves breathing, reduces allergy symptoms, and increases overall energy. Chandeliers: Adding this classy, statement piece is an easy way to spruce up any home. Chandeliers immediately draw the eye to the center of a room, while simultaneously adding a touch of elegance. While there are certainly chandelier options for every space, consider using this bold centerpiece as a way to liven up your living room. Light Therapy Boxes: If you suffer from depression, seasonal affect disorder, or simply need an extra boost in the mornings, opt for a light therapy box. These help ease the symptoms of SAD, and are best used within an hour of waking up. Look for options with minimal UV light and an exposure of around 10,000 lux for the best results. Vanity Lights: When searching for the perfect bathroom lighting, pay attention to the strength and placement of the bulbs. Ideally, you’ll want lighting between 80-100 watts. When possible, frame the entire mirror with vanity lights. If that isn’t an option, then stick with lining the sides of your mirror. While overhead bulbs may light up the room, they can cause awkward shadows that aren’t helpful when applying makeup. Christmas Lights: You no longer need the holidays as an excuse to utilize Christmas lights! Consider a simple DIY headboard with some twinkle lights and a bit of sheer fabric. It’s a simple way to create ambience without taking up any floor space. Perfect for studios!  Paper Lanterns: If you’re looking for a soft, evening glow then paper lanterns are the way to go. These easy to hang fixtures are both affordable and easily portable. There are electric and battery-operated options available, making them ideal for outdoor lighting as well. Traditional Lamps: Whether you’re searching for a simple table setting or an extravagant floor piece, sometimes you just need to go back to basics. You can’t go wrong with a classic standing lamp. Find a simple base that allows you to mix and match lamp shades to fit your style.