Affordable Financial Literacy Resources in NYC

November 26th, 2018

Seeking out a financial advisor can be intimidating to say the least. And let’s face it, many resources cater to those with money to burn (ie: requiring a minimum of $3 million in assets for a consultation). So if you’re not swimming in dough, hiring a financial advisor and finding worthwhile investments may feel pretty pointless.   Fortunately, New York has some amazing, affordable programs available for all income levels. Whether you’re striving to build a portfolio, pay down debt, or simply gain a greater outlook on your personal finances, there is an organization in place to meet your needs. Check out the following resources to balance your checkbook and be on your way to a healthier financial life.   New York Public Library The New York Public Library System offers so much more than books and is one of the greatest resources available to residents. Whether you’re looking to craft a budget or tackle your taxes, the NYPL’s Money Matters program holds regular classes to help you better understand all options when it comes to managing your finances. Not only are there plenty of workshops to assist with personal money management, but you can also schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a specialized counselor to gain individual insight on financial planning, Medicare, and debt management.   The Financial Gym This company holds a fitness-inspired perspective when it comes to money by helping you make smart decisions and maintain realistic financial changes that add up toward a larger goal. They’re so confident in their program, that they guarantee success for regular clients! The Financial Gym has affordable options for individualized plans ~ starting at $85/month, you can meet with your very own personal B.F.F. (Best Financial Friend), set specific goals, and craft a plan tailored to your needs. Want to check out the gym before committing? This organization hosts weekly Wine & Learns, topic specific seminars every Wednesday that give you insight into managing your personal finances.   Brunch & Budget This pay-what-you-can service combines the daunting task of budgeting with every millennial's favorite meal: brunch. Meet in a comfortable setting, share a meal, and talk about money. This affordable service holds a relationship-based approach when it comes to finances, by finding common ground over a meal. Brunch & Budget hosts a regular podcast with perspectives on personal finance and large-scale economics, along with how both concepts play into our daily lives. This group also works alongside DDJA, whose mission is ‘financial independence & generational wealth for people of color.’ Plus, they have a fantastic Money Personality Quiz!   Meetup While Meetup isn’t exclusively an organization geared toward money management, there are groups of people all over New York that gather with the common goal of financial literacy. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to connect with a community and improve your financial health in the process. Simply connect to Meetup through facebook or google, and begin gathering with like-minded people in your neighborhood.