Luxury Products That Are Totally Worth the Price

May 29th, 2018

When you live in a city as upscale as NYC, it pays to be frugal. Nabbing a bargain or getting a deal is a great way to keep your prices low. I mean honestly, what’s the difference between a $50 pair of shoes and a $500 pair? Quite a lot, it turns out. The fact is that there are some high-end products that are absolutely worth the pretty penny you spend on them. They’ll last longer, look better, be more comfortable, and improve your quality of life in ways you can’t imagine. These are the luxury products that are totally worth the money... Your Pillow: You spend about 1/3rd of your life sleeping. Even though you’re unconscious through it all, it’s important to stay as comfy as possible. Poor sleep can negatively impact your day in all kinds of ways. Choosing the right pillow means a better overall quality of life. It's the first step to a less-grumpy, more productive version of yourself.  Consider purchasing a pillow from a top-of-the-line brand like Tuft & Needle. These state-of-the-art, hypoallergenic pillows are quite literally the stuff of dreams. Choose from their down, fiber, or foam (shredded or memory) models. Not sure which one is best for you? Tuft & Needle allows you a 100 day home try out. If you don’t get the best sleep of your life, just swap it out and try another! shutterstock_639769771 Your Shoes: Much like your pillow, your shoes are an important element of your overall comfort. There are so many discount shoe retailers in the world that it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying a dirt-cheap pair of kicks. They’re just there to keep your feet off the ground, no need to spend hundreds on them, right? Wrong. Especially in NYC. We New Yorkers walk just about everywhere, which means our shoes (and by extension our feet) take a massive amount of punishment. A quality pair of athletic or dress shoes can go a long way in making your life easier.  What’s the easiest way to tell a mediocre pair of shoes from a fantastic one? Price. A well-made pair of shoes costs 2 to 3 times more than the average shoe you can pick up in a store, but they also last 2 to 3 times longer. They also feel a lot better on your feet. Your shoes are an investment in your comfort. Treat yourself. shutterstock_573486001 Your Bag: Nobody drives in New York City--there’s too much traffic. That means we have to carry all of our stuff around on our bodies all day. Unless we work in a formal business environment, most of us eventually resort to using a backpack. It’s the perfect solution for carrying your papers, your phone charger, your headphones and a change of clothes. So, buying a backpack is as simple as picking one that looks nice, right? Nope. A low-quality backpack won’t fit your body as well and lead to all kinds of issues. Achy shoulders, lower back problems and the dreaded back sweat can all be linked back to poor backpack choices. Purchasing your backpack from a trusted brand such as Osprey or Nomatic will give you the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Make sure you try them on at the store first to find the one that’s most comfortable for you. They don’t just look better than cheaper brands. Many of them are well ventilated, which means they’ll leave you feeling cool and comfortable all summer long. shutterstock_785154337   Your Shower Head: We're not here to diss the shower head that came in your apartment. It’s only job is to shoot water onto you, right? How much could you possibly improve such a thing? Quite a lot, it turns out. Yes, spending hundreds of dollars on a shower head sounds kind of crazy, but it’s totally worth it. Luxury shower head brands like Hansgrohe turn your shower into a place of personalised water indulgence. There’s a baffling amount of shapes, sizes and jet types to choose from, which means you can create a shower experience that’s perfect for you. There’s no better way to start your day than with an awesome shower experience. You’ll come out clean and feeling like a million bucks. If you realized how easy it is to swap your shower head out with an incredible masterpiece you probably would have done it already! shutterstock_238339219