Victorious Vegan Victuals-The Best Vegan Spots in NYC

September 26th, 2018

There are plenty of vegans in NYC, and if you’re one of them we're sure that you take it pretty seriously. A life free of animal consumption takes commitment, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. New York City, perhaps more than any other city, has many great vegan restaurants. These aren't the kind of places you have to settle for either--they’re legitimately excellent. Stonehenge NYC is here to clue you in to some of the best vegan spots in New York City. Franchia Vegan Cafe: If you’re a tenant at Stonehenge’s 20 Park Avenue, you don’t have to go far to find great Vegan fare. Franchia stands mere steps away from your front door. If you’re a resident at 41 Park Avenue, the walk is only a tad further. Even if you don’t live in the area, the trip is entirely worth it. shutterstock_1021858819 Franchia is the casual cousin of the elegant Hangawi vegan restaurant, which is also located in NYC. Where Hangawi wows it’s customers with fine dining, Franchia aims to comfort them with a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to chill with your friends and family. Franchia isn’t just known for their innovative Asian fusion food. They’re also renowned for their excellent tea selection. They bring the finest tea from plantations in Asia right to your table. It’s a perfect pair. The Cinnamon Snail: No, this restaurant doesn’t serve escargot sprinkled with cinnamon-- that’s just their cute name. Obviously, you won’t find anything made with animal byproducts at this vegan spot. The Cinnamon Snail began its life in 2010 as an endangered creature: a vegan food truck. Their excellent food helped them quickly grow into one of NYC’s most adored institutions. shutterstock_1098726176 The Cinnamon Snail has locations in the Financial District and in the Pennsy Food Hall in midtown, so if you’re an office worker, there’s a decent chance you can find them nearby. Their chipotle seitan burrito is enough to convince even the most hardened carnivore that vegan food can be delicious when done right. Their lunch and dinner options aren’t the only thing that makes them popular, however. The Cinnamon Snail features something that most vegan spots disregard entirely: dessert. Their animal-friendly treats will have you coming back time and again for sweet and wholesome munchies. PS Kitchen: PS Kitchen is a sophisticated restaurant with an admirable mission. Their aim is to leverage the power of good food to inspire their customers, employees, and the world at large to funnel their own successes back into their local community. shutterstock_278670278 PS Kitchen doesn’t just serve a delicious plant-based menu. They’re committed to creating jobs for the marginalized and they donate 100% (yep--you read that right) of their profits into sustainable charitable work both locally and overseas. If their incredibly generous philosophy doesn’t make you feel great about eating here, their top-notch menu certainly will. Their dinner menu takes vegan fine dining to a very high level while their lunch menu makes grabbing a healthy bite quick and easy. They’ve also got a legendary brunch that you do not want to miss. The Butcher’s Daughter: Children don’t always take after their parents and The Butcher’s Daughter is the perfect example of that fact. Heather Tierney is the aforementioned daughter, and her restaurant is one of the fastest-growing plant slaughterhouses in the city with locations in the West Village, Nolita and Williamsburg. shutterstock_763166440 Heather is a designer turned resturaunter. She was inspired to start creating healthy food and juice while exploring local vegetable and fruit markets. At first she was simply looking for recipes to be used at Apothéke, her cocktail bar in New York’s Chinatown. She realized many of her cocktails would be pretty darn healthy if they just didn’t have alcohol in them. The Butcher’s Daughter has grown from a plant-based juice bar into a full fledged vegetarian heaven. This just might be your next favorite vegan place.  It's undeniably a great place to expand your vegan tastes. We should note here that not every single option here is 100% vegan, but they mostly are. Just be sure to double check!