Totally Terrific Tony Winners

June 11th, 2018

The 72nd Annual Tony Awards are the super bowl of the theater world.  Actors, directors, playwrights and production people from all across the world dream of someday winning the coveted Tony. This special award is a reminder of why New York City is the greatest show town on earth. So, who came out on top? What were the best shows? What are the can’t-miss-hits of 2018? Now that Tony's have been awarded it's time to talk about the very best. These are our most amazing Tony-Winning Broadway productions. Angels in America: shutterstock_1054797875 Former Spider-Person Andrew Garfield took home the Tony for Best Actor in this incredible revival, and it’s worth noting that his inspired performance is one amongst dozens. This two-part epic has a run time of nearly eight-hours total, broken up into two separate nights. The legendary length should tell you everything you need to know about how great this show is, with audiences ready and willing to cram themselves into tight Broadway seats at the expense of their own comfort.  Excellent pacing prevents the show from ever dragging or even feeling too heavy. To nobodies surprise, Broadway god Nathan Lane also took home a Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Play. This fictional retelling of the 1980’s AIDS crisis through the perspective of a wide cast of compelling characters is as fresh as ever. A healthy dose of wry-humor, biting wit, and magical realism make it a show unlike any other. Two  decades removed from its original Broadway premier, Angels in America is as relevant and important as ever. It’s no surprise it also nabbed the Tony for Best Revival. The show is now in the final 5 weeks of it’s run, so beg, borrow or even steal tickets if you must. Just see it! The Band’s Visit: shutterstock_193150841 The Band’s Visit has turned out to be the ultimate Broadway sleeper hit. On the surface, the story doesn’t seem all that interesting; a group of Egyptian musicians spend the night in a lonely Israeli town. The play itself even admits that the premise isn’t really all that important. It's the believable relationships that form between flawed-but-lovable characters that have charmed audiences and drawn huge praise in the direction of  this unique little musical. The Band’s Visit took home the Tony for Best Musical, but it’s on stage talent reaped their fair share of awards as well. The always-great Tony Shalhoub nabbed the Best Leading Actor in a Musical award for his performance as an uptight but soft-hearted band leader. His co-star Katrina Lenk took home the female version of the same award for her portrayal of a complicated woman who decides to take some strangers into her home--if only just for the night. The accolades didn’t stop there. This deeply-human tale earned Tony's for lighting and sound design as well as musical direction. The Band’s Visit racked up a laundry list of impressive awards both large and small, proving that audiences still crave stories of human connection and kindness. It turns out good things can still happen when we show a little kindness to strangers. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: shutterstock_476267008 Who among us hasn’t longed to return to Hogwarts? The enchanting book and film series may have ended years ago, but the world of Harry Potter lives on. JK Rowling’s first real sequel to the adventures of everyone’s favorite boy wizard is now a smash hit on Broadway. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child won the Tony for Best Play, telling the tale of grown-up Harry and the continuing adventures of his children. The show truly nails the flavor and atmosphere of the wizarding world, winning Tony awards for scenic design, sound, lighting and costuming. The story brings audiences to new and unexplored corners of the Harry Potter world with revelations both strange and familiar. It should surprise nobody that since defeating Voldemort, Harry’s life hasn’t gotten any easier. In fact he’s passed his troubles onto his own kids. The New York stage breathes new and urgent life into your favorite Harry Potter characters with mystery, adventure, and magic.