The Top Summer Clubs in NYC

July 23rd, 2018

Summer is the perfect time to let it all hang out. Shoot a mass text to all your coolest buddies and gal pals and invite them out for a night of pulse-pounding fun at the club.  When you head out for a night of clubbing, you better be sure you’ve got backup plans, because the best clubs fill up fast! Grab the tightest shirt you have, load up on hair gel and body spray, and be ready to bribe the bouncer. Lavo: Upstairs Lavo is one of the finest Italian industrial chic restaurants in the city, but venture down the stairs and you’ll find yourself in one of the hottest and most exclusive clubs around. You'll shout over pop hits and EDM beats as you attempt bump and grind with attractive strangers. The cocktails at Lavo are top notch and they even have models dancing on their tables. Just be ready to drop a pretty penny--Lavo is one of the most expensive clubs in town. shutterstock_415922566 Black Flamingo: You won’t be shocked to discover that this vegan restaurant turned nightclub is located in Williamsburg. Don't worry, they've really held onto the vegan thing. You can dance all night long in this retro, latin-inspired nightclub and safely know that everything you’re consuming didn’t involve animals in any way. The funky house music (played exclusively on vinyl, of course) offers a more relaxed alternative to the intense beats found at other clubs. shutterstock_162727565 House of Yes: Some nightclubs are able to elevate the admittedly shallow experience of a nightclub. House of Yes is one such club. It's fans lovingly describe it as half dance festival, half religious experience. Billing themselves as the ‘best venue ever’, House of Yes is a temple of expression dedicated to connection, creativity and celebrating life. You’ll be joined on the dance floor by garish and bedazzling circus performers who spin, whirl and leap to create a magical atmosphere. You truly have to see it to appreciate it. shutterstock_70191385 Marquee: If the hippest DJ’s and freshest electronic beats are what get your engine revving, make sure you include Marquee on your ‘must visit’ list. With towering ceilings and dazzling pyrotechnic shows, this multi-leveled club creates an dance experience that is both dreamlike and overwhelming. It also looks like a location out of a 90’s Batman movie, and we think that’s a very good thing. Just watch out for the Joker. shutterstock_244966594 Cielo: Cielo has dominated the club scene in the meatpacking district for fifteen years now, so you know they must be doing something right. Top DJ’s from across the globe compete to take advantage of their absurdly powerful, yet ultra-smooth sound system. Of course, the flashy, attractive clientele is a big draw too. Once you make it past the bouncer, you’ll notice that the vibe in here is actually pretty friendly, and the music impossible not to move to. It's not as elitist as it sounds.  shutterstock_576162352 The Jane Hotel Ballroom: shutterstock_738124939 Who wouldn't want to go to party hosted by Jay Gatsby? At the Jane Hotel, you can pretend like you are. Their gorgeous ballroom is filled with fine leather chairs, intricate wallpaper, glimmering chandeliers, and most importantly; a happening dance floor. The ballroom nightclub at the Jane Hotel is guaranteed to take you back the the opulence and glamour of that lost era when your great grandparents were young. You’ll quickly find there’s a reason this ballroom has hosted about a million movie shoots. It’s beauty is matched only by its class. Le Bain: shutterstock_637527289 Even if you’re not a guest at the Standard Hotel, you’d do well to seek admittance to Le Bain. This cozy penthouse discothèque (what's a discothèque? Just a fancy name for a disco) has breathtaking views of the river and skyline, as well as a plunge pool on the dance floor. After working up a sweat with your impressive moves, you might find that the awesome appletinis aren’t enough to cool you off. Just make sure your phone isn’t in your pocket when you take the plunge!   Birdland NYC: shutterstock_183052571 Maybe you’re an old soul, or an actual older person? Perhaps you’re simply not interested in bumping, grinding and having your hearing permanently damaged after a night out? Sometimes we all want something with a bit more class, and a bit less youthful exuberance. Birdland is an old school jazz club located right in the heart of the theatre district. You’ll enjoy a fine dinner, sip delicious cocktails, and enjoy masterful live jazz performed by the legendary Count Basie Orchestra. This is a club that oozes class and old-world charm. If the music moves you, be sure to take to the dance floor. Club Cache: shutterstock_537774760 If you’re someone who who truly can dance, Club Cache is the spot for you. This high-energy club is filled with great-looking people who can’t resist the call of Latin music--and really have no interest in doing so. There’s a little more technique and a little less flailing and grinding at this venue but don’t be intimidated if your dance moves aren’t up to snuff--they’ve got free salsa lessons almost every night. It’s time to unleash the passionate fire in your soul.