Stonehenge's Spring Scavenger Hunt

March 1st, 2018

If the Stonehenge blog is about one thing, it’s encouraging our residents to get out and fully experience the city. Sure, Netflix and Hulu are great, but in order to truly relish this town, you’ve got to step out your front door! As spring draws closer, there’s never been a better time to get out there to explore the wonderful, the weird, and the mysterious secrets of the city. We’re here to introduce you to a few hidden gems in New York City. Grab a friend and see if you can find some of these uniquely New York destinations.


New York City is rife with grand museums, their halls practically bursting with incredible art--but some of them are more discreet than others. And much, much smaller. Mmuseumm is a different kind of museum. It’s filled with forgotten things. Small objects. Tiny trinkets. Some of them you may even recognize, like the shoe that was thrown at George W Bush at the Minister’s Palace in Baghdad. Some of them may puzzle you, like a rubber glove found in Paradise Valley, Montana. As perplexing as the objects found within is the museum’s location itself. Located in a nondescript alley in lower Manhattan, one must call an 800 number to gain access. Mmuseumm may be tiny and weird, but it’s certainly a thrill to find. We recommend you start searching around Broadway and White street. Or just Google it.


 Dream House

This is a city of dreams. Immigrants came to our shores with dreams of building a new life. Artists came with dreams of making it. Countless entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators have believed in the dream that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. That dream has never died, you can still see it ways both large and small. We’ve even got a house for dreams because why the heck not?! It took more than forty years for composer La Monte Young and visual artist Marian Zazeela to complete their strange and wonderful magnum opus. Discover the Dream House and you’ll enter a world of lights, sounds, and shifting colors. It’s a mind altering experience without the need for any illicit substances or boring meditation. Every move you make and every step you take will draw you deeper into this entirely original dreamland.


 New York Earth Room

New York City has a dream house, so it stands to reason we should have the opposite. A place so un-dreamlike that some might even call it a nightmare. That assumes, of course, that you’re really not a fan of dirt. The earth room is just what it sounds like: a giant room filled with nothing but dirt. This isn’t any old dirt however, this is 280,000 pounds of dirt that takes up 250 cubic yards of prime SoHo real estate. It’s a sanctuary for those of us who want to get our feet off the concrete every once and awhile. There are logistical issues of course. Occasionally, wayward spores take a foothold, marrying the tranquil field of agoraphobic dirt with a scattering of mushrooms. Nonetheless, it’s keepers have kept the earth room maintained since 1977, probably because nobody wants to haul that much dirt out of a Manhattan high rise.



There are plenty of classy bars in this town, many so refined and so elegant that you’d expect to see James Bond sitting at the bar. But where do you go if you’re not a handsome British spy? If you’ve got a darker side? If your tastes tilt more towards the villainous? The first thing one notices when entering Goldbar is that it certainly lives up to its name. It’s hard to find a surface in this place that isn’t adorned with the coveted element. Look a little closer and you’ll realize that the walls are decked with human skulls, and those human skulls are also coated in gold. It’s the perfect place for you to kick back with your wealthy friends and plan your crimes. Will you short the stock market, breed a new race of superhumans, or simply shoot an electric car into space? Maybe you’ll just enjoy an excellent cocktail? Whatever you’re scheming, Goldbar has dastardly ambience and villainous bling to spare. 2449755_orig