Stonehenge Shopping Spree

June 21st, 2018

It would be pretty hard to find yourself lacking in places to go shopping in New York City. On most every corner of this city you’ll find boutique clothing stores. We truly do have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to clothing stores in NYC. Here’s the thing: It can be hard to know which clothing stores you should spend your time (and your hard-earned money) in. NYC clothing stores are not all created equally. Lucky for you, we’ve whipped up a list of eight of the coolest, hippest and most fun boutiques in Manhattan. In Support Of: shutterstock_333236654 If you ever feel guilty about spending so much money on nice clothes? Check out In Support Of! Located a stone’s throw from 101W15th, this is a clothing store on a mission. Their goal is to help the less fortunate through fashion. A portion of every dollar you spend here goes to charity and their clothes are produced according to rigorous ethical standards. You don’t need to worry about who made the clothes or where they’re coming from. They’ve been redefining fashion since 2014, with creative, fun and truly sustainable fashion. Cloak and Dagger: shutterstock_418120420 If your style is retro, you simply must visit Cloak and Dagger. Despite the ominous name, this edgy clothier has some of the most best old-school swank in the city. Any fan of the works of Wes Anderson will feel strong familiarity with the look and vibe of this spot. Cloak and Dagger is also a great source for scented soaps, scrubs and bath salts. There’s also a wide selection of stationery, pens, cards and notebooks. Green suitcases, unconventional purses, patterned shirts and lustrous nail polish await you. This is a store as singular as you are. Babel Fair: shutterstock_605981081 Babel Fair is truly an international clothing store, with a focus on bringing together products from designers all over the world. On their hangers and shelves you’ll discover looks that you can only find beyond the borders of our fair country--from Australian Street-wear to Korean Denim. Their massive selection of summer dresses have become a big hit with the young and hip in the city. Don’t forget to hit up their wide selection of international accessories while you’re there. Purses, perfumes, sunglasses and socks--there’s always more to explore at Babel Fair. J.Mendel: shutterstock_281528984 Maybe you’re the kind of person who enjoys a bit of glitz and glamour? If so, J. Mendel is waiting for you with arms wide open. The name of the game here is luxury. This is where you go to find the perfect duds for your big movie premier, wedding, or catastrophically important meeting. Lavish furs, incredible evening gowns and incomparable flair have made J. Mendel a mecca for celebrities and socialites. You never know who you might run into; rumor has it that both J.Lo and Beyonce are frequent clients. There’s also an extensive bridal section. Even if you’re not a movie star, you should check this spot out. Assembly New York: shutterstock_527204083 If the J.Mendel is your kind of place, you should totally continue your ultra-luxury spree at Assembly New York where the fashions are about as avant-garde as it gets. We’re going to be real with you: these designs will either blow your mind or make you roll your eyes. Casual fashionistas need not apply. This is a fashion sanctuary where the unexpected waits around every corner. Blocky shoes and oversized dresses are the norm here. You can even find 14 karat gold staples, which we assume are there on the off chance that Donald Trump stops by. Creatures of Comfort: shutterstock_459980527 If Assembly New York sounds like an absolute nightmare, then Creatures of Comfort will be your safe haven from pretentious fashion. This shop is an excellent remedy to outrageous fashion and over-the-top garb. It’s a sanctuary for those looking for “hard-to-find labels with standout personalities.” The clothes sold here are sleek, minimalist and functional. They do have some quirkier options but fortunately they never cross the line into anything gaudy. Aside from their own designs, Creatures of Comfort also brings in selections from outside designers every season. While these outfits will certainly turn heads, you can be assured that it’ll be in a good way. Warm:   shutterstock_702680788 If you’re looking for something even cozier than Creatures of Comfort, you can’t do more than visit a shop literally called warm. This comfy little shop was established with love and nurturing by Winnie Beattie and her husband Rob Magnotta in an attempt to make the world a friendlier, more loving place. Warm has become a favorite spot for urban hippies looking to escape the madness of the city for a bit of inner peace. You’ll find the kind of clothes that you want to pack for a day at the beach or a week abroad on a tropical island. Handmade fabrics, homemade jewelry and amiable owners make this one of the warmest places in the city. IGWT: shutterstock_765927004 In America we don’t just put “In God We Trust” on our money--we put it on our clothing boutiques too. In God We Trust was founded in 2005 with the goal of peddling exclusively American made products. IGWT is so committed to this principle that all of their custom designed clothing is created in Brooklyn, New York. The close proximity to their production allows IGWT to personally supervise and ensure that they (and more importantly, you) are get exactly what they want. They’re also huge supporters of local artists and designers who with like-minded goals. They truly have it all: dresses, jewelry, stationery, ceramics and even jumpsuits!