Stonehenge NYC Watch Style Guide

October 1st, 2018

The watch is an essential part of a New Yorker's wardrobe. Sure, you could tell the time just by glancing at your phone, but nothing looks as classic as a great watch. If you’re new to the watch game, you might be unsure about what style of watch you should buy. Choosing the right style of watch will ensure that your look is cool and consistent. We here at Stonehenge NYC are here to help you choose the watch style that’s perfect for you. Read on! Automatic Watch: Watches existed long before batteries did, which meant keeping them running was a constant task. Watches of old had to be manually wound every day. The invention of the battery solved this minor annoyance, but still, batteries don’t last forever and opening up your watch to change the battery can be quite a pain. The automatic watch solves both of these problems. shutterstock_529238086 Automatic watches will stay wound as long as you wear them. The movement of your wrist moves a rotor inside the watch, which keeps the watch ticking. Even if you take your watch off to shower or to sleep it will keep going all night long. It should be noted that many different styles of watches are automatic. Dive Watch: It’s true that you probably aren’t going scuba-diving all that often, but dive watches remain popular for a reason. Most dive watches are durable and waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about damaging them. They feature a telltale adjustable numerical bezel that divers use to keep track of how long they’ve been underwater. It also looks pretty nice.  shutterstock_377277097 Dive watches also typically have illuminated dials meaning that you can see the time no matter how dark it is or how far underwater you are. The real appeal of a dive watch is its versatility. It can be dressed down with a Nato strap or made luxurious with a metal bracelet. A great affordable dive watch is the Seiko SKX007. If you’ve got more money to burn you might want to check out the James Bond classic Omega Seamaster. Digital Watch: Digital watches became a big thing back in the 1970’s. As the name implies, they tell time with digits, rather than hands. Before cell phones and smartwatches, they were a fun, tech-y thing to have on your wrist. Many people still prefer them today for their affordability, simplicity and unpretentious style. shutterstock_131075744 If you’re someone who works with their hands, there’s a good chance you might like a digital watch. Digital watches are also a perfect substitute for your classier timepiece when you’re at the gym. It’s hard to care about beating up something that costs about ten bucks like this Casio. Of course, if you’re searching for extreme durability, look no further than their G-Shock line. Chronograph: A chronograph is a watch that has more than one way of keeping time. The most common form of chronograph is a stopwatch. It’s additional dials and buttons make it perfect for athletes, race car drivers, and other people who really care about tracking intervals. If your watch has a stopwatch function, it’s technically a chronograph. shutterstock_276378455 Pilot Watch: There are a bunch of airports surrounding NYC which means you probably run into pilots more than you realize. Still, the massive amount of avionics equipment on board a modern airline pretty much does away with the need for a watch that has the functionality of a pilots watch. Still they’re an ultra cool throwback to the early days of air travel.   shutterstock_462209341 The faces of most pilot watches are absolutely littered with information. To a skilled eye, it’s quick and easy to calculate changes in the time as you fly across lines of longitude. Similar to a dive watch, it’s easy to dress up or to dress down. If you’re looking for an entry level pilot watch, you really can’t go wrong with this Seiko Flightmaster.  Of course, Breitling is well known for their incredible aviator masterpieces if you’re in the mood to really splurge. Fashion Watches: What exactly is a fashion watch? Technically, all watches are fashion watches these days. But the term fashion watch typically refers to a watch that is a bit more style than substance. They generally aren’t engineering masterpieces, but they usually are an affordable way to smarten up your look. Fashion watches are perfect for casual watch wearers who don’t care too much about luxury watches and name brands. shutterstock_569751106 Companies like MVMT and Invicta are a perfect example of a casual fashion watch. They’re designed to blend in with current styles, not to stand out. They simply mimic the looks that are popular, rather than relying on reputation and heritage. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You can generally purchase them for under $100. Despite their lack of pedigree, they still look great and work well. Interested in learning more about watches? Check out Stonehenge NYC's blog post on Timeless Timepieces for Trendy New Yorkers.