Summer Style: How to Stay Cool and Look Professional in NYC

June 28th, 2018

Summer in New York City is wonderful, fun  For those of us working in a professional office environment, summer can be a bit of a slog. How do you dress professionally while still staying cool? Stonehenge is here to help with some tips and tricks to staying cool while looking totally professional.   Ditch the Tie: shutterstock_153977354 If you’re a man working in the business world, ties are your best friend and your worst enemy. Sure, they really tie (no pun intended) your suit together, but they’re also constrictive and hot when it comes to muggy weather. If you’re wearing a button down shirt, suit coat, and some nice dress slacks, there’s no reason you can’t get away with skipping the tie. Silk might look flashy, but it’s not the coolest material. If you must wear a tie, try to wear one made of something breathable like cotton.  Follow the Three Finger Strap Rule: shutterstock_459845935 Females definitely have a lot more options when it comes to summer business attire. Wearing a sleeveless top will certainly cool you down but modesty is an obvious concern. Next time you’re debating weather that top is work appropriate, just follow the three finger rule. If the shoulder strap is as thick as three of your fingers or larger, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t make the cut, you may want to pick a different outfit. Lose the Coat: shutterstock_635574143 We get it, you probably own a really nice suit. That said, you probably don’t need to be wearing it all the time. A suit is supposed to make you look professional, but there’s nothing professional about being drenched in sweat. Lose that top layer if you can, or replace it with something lighter and more breathable. A suit made of linen or cotton will keep the air flowing around your body. You might want to consider purchasing a Fresco suit. Fesco is a super fancy Italian wool that is both super breathable and durable. It’s a more refined way to stay cool. Go Light: shutterstock_212585500 When you’re getting dressed in the morning, you probably don’t give too much thought to what colors you wear. As long as they match it’s all good, right? Wrong. Darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. Whenever possible, you should try to wear whites and tans in lieu of blacks and greys. You won’t just be cooler, your summer colors will fit in perfectly with the seasonal trends. Master your Mane: shutterstock_170699021 It should come as no surprise that your hair can make a huge difference in your body temperature. Longer hair will make you sweat, so men should aim for shorter, more sleek haircuts. Of course, most women (and some men; we’re not judging) prefer to have long and luxurious hair. That doesn’t mean they have to suffer. Wearing your hair up in a ponytail or a topknot is a simple way to cool yourself down. You can also request that your hairdresser give you a layered haircut that keeps your length while thinning out your hair for enhanced airflow. Let Your Piglets Breath: shutterstock_412975534 This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy went home, and they all sweated heavily the entire time because they were stuffed in a hot pair of shoes! Sweaty feet aren’t just uncomfortable, they can really start to smell. Working women should wear open toe sandals and strappy, breathable heels wherever they can. Men should swap heavy leather dress shoes for lightweight loafers or even boat shoes. One important caveat: If you are going to show your feet off at work, be sure to stay well-pedicured. There's nothing less professional than long, dirty toenails at the office. Understand your Underwear: shutterstock_759633676 Your comfort begins with your underwear. If you’re wearing heavy, restrictive underwear, you’re going to get hot really, really fast. Swap that cotton undershirt for something ultra-light like Uniqlo’s Arism line. Undershirts made of breathable sport-type material are way more comfortable in the summer. That goes for your underpants as well. Thin, breathable fabrics are your best friend. Are you one of those people who sweats through every shirt you’ve ever owned? There’s nothing more embarrassing than pools of underarm sweat bleeding through your dress shirt on a hot summer's day. Technology has finally solved this annoying problem with the Thompson T. This revolutionary new undershirt is designed to block sweat while keeping you cool. Try it once and you’ll never go back to plain old undershirts.