Do you have eyeballs? We sure hope so because how would you be reading this if you didn’t? Do they see perfectly? Probably not. More than half the population needs glasses to see properly, and the other half needs them to look cool.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of stylish, sexy, amazing glasses New York City is full of great options. These are the most Spec-Tacular places to buy glasses in NYC.



Residents of 101W15 will surely recognize Moscot from the front of their very own building. Moscot is a trendy purveyor of eyewear with a very deep history. Believe it or not, there was a time you could buy glasses from a street cart, much like you would a gyro today.

In 1889 a humble optician by the name of Hyman Moscot started selling his custom made eyeglasses out of a cart. He roamed the streets of in search of customers and gradually amassed enough of a following to open his own store. From there his popularity only grew, helped along by his iconic billboard which peered across the city. He was even fictionally referenced in F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby.

Today, Moscot is the go-to spot if you’re looking for expertly crafted, trendy glasses. Celebrities including Jeff Goldblum, Johnny Depp and even Truman Capote have proudly donned their delightful eyewear. The business has been passed down through five generations of designers and opticians, making it one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in NYC today. Next time you need a pair of glasses (or even shades) consider visiting Moscot. You’re guaranteed to walk out with a truly classic look.  

Devonshire Optical:


Devonshire Optical is the absolute tops when it comes to eyewear in Greenwich Village. They’re particularly favored because of their excellent collection of frames for kids. That’s right, your little one doesn’t have to wear corny glasses just because they’re small. A vividly colored pair of Anne et Valentin will set them above and beyond their fellow younglings.

Of course, Devonshire isn’t just for kids. They specialize in swanky rimless frames. With a pair of these your eyes will be able to see perfectly while your face shines like never before. That said, their passion for rimless frames hasn’t prevented them from recently adding some stellar stainless steel options to their collection.

Devonshire may not have the pedigree of some of the older eyewear sellers in NYC but they certainly know their stuff. You’ll find only to top quality brands from around the world including Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith. It’s a great spot to find the full range of the eyewear market.

Warby Parker:


Warby Parker has become one of the biggest names in eyewear in the past few years. At this point, you’ve probably heard of them. They’ve turned the eyewear world on it’s head by offering super stylish frames at an incredibly low price. Even better, they’ve made finding the right frames for you incredibly easy.

One of the perks of Warby Park is their in-home-try-on system. Simply go to their website and pick five pairs of glasses that you think would look good on you. A few days later, Warby Parker ships all of them to you for free, and you get a chance to try them on in the comfort of your Stonehenge apartment. Once you pick your favorites, simply send them back (postage already paid) and they’ll send you a new pair of glasses in your prescription.

As residents of New York City, we don’t even have to bother with the home try on if we’re not feeling it. Warby Parker has brick and mortar locations throughout NYC in the Upper East Side, Midtown, Greenwich Village and even Brooklyn. Stop by sometime and try on any of their hundreds of stylish frames. There’s no easier (or more affordable) way to buy glasses.

Fabulous Fanny’s:


Are you the kind of person who would rather stand out from the crowd then blend in? Is your style less run-of-the-mill and more fantastically fab? If you’re a true individual, Fabulous Fanny’s is the spot for you.

Fanny’s was founded when vintage eyewear collectors Kit Finneran and Stan Blackmer met. Both of them possessed a passion for classic eyewear. They dreamed of a return to the kind of designs and styles that had vanished in a sea of standard looks. They started selling their classic frames at a flea market, and quickly realized they could turn their passion into a true business.

Step through the doors of their little shop and you’ll plunge into a world of fantastic style and outrageous designs. These frames will turn heads on the street and show the world that you’re a true champion of counterculture. If flashy, outlandish and colorful are your idea of real style, then you can’t miss Fabulous Fanny’s.