The Most Ritzy Places in NYC

August 2nd, 2018

The song says: when you’re blue and don’t know where to go to you should go where fashion sits. But where exactly is that? Where are the places that are best at putting on the Ritz? They’re all in New York City of course. Manhattan can barely contain it's massive amount of glitz, flash, and fashion. Here’s where to find them. These are the most Ritzy places in NYC. Le Bernadin: When it comes to classy eats, you really can’t beat French food. Le Bernadin’s sister restaurant was founded in Paris in 1972 where it became an instant hit under the watchful eye of sibling duo Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze. The original restaurant served only fish, prepared with the utmost skill and respect. This focus on ingredients and attention to detail earned them a Michelin star by 1978. The culinary duo decided to take their success to the International level, opening a splendid NYC branch in the 1980’s. They paired up with legendary chef and Anthony Bourdain buddy Eric Ripert to improve and enhance their menu. The atmosphere at Le Bernadin absolutely oozes class as guests tuck into expertly prepared dishes. The service is impeccable, the food glorious, and the commitment to perfection unmatched. If you really want to have a jolly good time, and to positively swim in class, nab reservations at Le Bernadin as soon as possible. shutterstock_67799818   Brookfield Place: The mall seems to be a quintessentially American idea. I vast collection of vendors, department stores, clothiers jewelers and just about anything else one can imagine all assembled under one roof. As in everything else, NYC does the shopping mall better, fancier, and more enjoyably than anywhere else in the world. This fantastically modern shopping center could barely be called a mere mall. It stands proudly above Financial District, offering food, fashion, and fun in droves. Fortuitously located on the waterfront, the restaurants of Brookfield Place offer fresh seafood dining that stands far above the competition. Where shopping is concerned, Brookfield Place absolutely shines. A dizzying array of luxury accessories, clothing, handbags, lingerie, and even footwear are available for purchase by the discriminating clientele. From its architecture to it’s shops, a visit to Brookfield Place will leave you with little doubt that it’s the most ritzy mall you’ve ever seen. shutterstock_315759299 The Bowery Hotel: In the days of old New York, visitors to our great city would take up residence in an ultra-fancy hotel while they enjoyed the many attractions that our town had to offer. They demanded the very best, a hotel that was as charming, classy and elegant as they were. The Bowery Hotel set this immeasurably high bar for luxury accomodations.  As times changed and the modern world came along, spots like the Bowery became ever more rare. They were replaced by cheaper, less ostentatious lodgings or they simply updated their style and lost the ritzy 20’s feel. The Bowery Hotel is one of the few that has retained it’s old world charm, though the times and styles have changed constantly. If you fancy yourself a fan of the antique, or if you just want to stay somewhere a bit different, The Bowery is destined to be your cup of tea. You don’t even have to rent a room--bars and restaurants are on-site. Curl up in an armchair, sip an old-timey cocktail, and enjoy some good company by the fireplace. shutterstock_182375963 The Ritz Plaza: You didn’t really think we were going to create a blog post about the most ritzy places in NYC without including our very own Ritz Plaza, did you? Even if you’re not a tenant at the Ritz, a considerable portion of Stonehenge NYC’s awesome resident events take place right at the Ritz so it’s quite easy to visit. The Ritz lives in the very heart of NYC, right between Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square and features incredible views and top notch amenities. The gym at the Ritz is to die for, featuring expert attendants and even a lovely swimming pool. Breakfast is served daily in the chic lounge and tenants enjoy access to an expansive patio as well as a sky-high roof deck. Nestled below the Ritz is La Massaria, one of NYC’s very best Italian restaurants. Between the upscale vibe and incredible food, it’s truly a struggle for our tenants not to dine there every day. The Ritz Plaza truly lives up to its name. thumb-1865-property-details-The-Ritz-Plaza-Midtown-West-Apartments-for-Rent-4