Quintessential Queens

September 10th, 2018

Manhattan is king, but Queens is...well Queen. We're all about Manhattan here at Stonehenge NYC, but we can't help but admire Queens. This oft-overlooked borough is home to amazing culture, great food, and tons of things to do and see. If you spend most of your days on the island of Manhattan, it might be time for you to take the (surprisingly short) trip to Queens. Here are some reasons it’s good to be in Queens. The Best Beer Garden in NYC: New York City has its fair share of Beer Gardens, but none of them can top Bohemian Hall. This massive Beer Garden tempts visitors from all across the world to experience a wide selection of beers and authentic cuisine. shutterstock_659491957 In the late 1800’s, Queens experience a large influx of Czech and Slovaks. They brought with them a love for Bohemia and brought the values and philosophies of their homeland with them. This was embodied in the founding of Bohemian Citizens’ Benevolent Society. In those days, it wasn’t just a place to grab some food and drinks. It was a school, a town hall, and a haven for their culture. Of the 800 Beer Gardens in NYC at the time, Bohemian Hall is one of three that still stands today. Today you can enjoy great beer, Czech food, and one of the largest outdoor seating areas in New York City. It only take one visit to understand that this is how all Beer Gardens should be. A Deep Connection to Film History: Hollywood might be the film capital of the world, but NYC is close behind. A surprising amount of your favorite films and TV shows were made right here in NYC. Of course, you may have noticed you don’t see very many giant movie lots around Manhattan. That’s because they’re mostly in Queens. shutterstock_453824731 Of particular note is Astoria Kaufman Studios, a gigantic film studio in the heart of the borough. The history of Kaufman Studios goes all the way back to the silent film era. They were making movies here before anyone even really knew how to make movies. The studio continued to make movies throughout the 20th century. Today shows like Orange is the New Black and even Sesame Street are filmed there. Of course, it’s hard to appreciate the history if you can’t get on the lot. If you’re not an actor, producer, or director--don’t worry. The incredible Museum of the Moving Image lets you experience the wonders of Kaufman Studios and film history up close! An Amazing Park: As we’ve mentioned before, NYC has no shortage of wonderful parks. Though Central Park gets a ton of love, Flushing Meadows Corona Park has a lot of fascinating history. It is remembered for being the site of two worlds fairs, and still boasts the iconic astro-towers and unisphere sculpture. But that only scratches the surface of what’s great about this park. shutterstock_619061477 Flushing Meadows Corona Park is one of the best recreational spots in the five boroughs. It features play areas for tennis, baseball, soccer and even cricket. If that’s not enough for you, you can always visit the recreational center for ice skating and swimming. If you’re up for some musical entertainment, you can always visit the pavillion where live musical performances occur all year long. Stroll along the promenade or simply read a book in the shade of an old tree. There’s something for everyone. Massive Expansion: Queens may not be the most famous borough, but it’s popularity is rapidly growing. An influx of new developments along the Long Island City have made it an attractive spot for Manhattanites in search of a little breathing room. shutterstock_324099182 The deep cultural heritage of Queens means that all this growth is built on a foundation of great culture, delicious food, fun events, and tons of fun things to do. Hot new restaurants stand next to classic spots that have been popular for decades. There is always something new happening in Queens!