October Monthly Round Up

September 25th, 2018

As October arrives, prepare yourself for comic book conventions, spooky celebrations, and unlimited opportunities to enjoy New York City in the fall. Fall for Dance Festival: While the chilly weather conspires to keep you indoors, fight back by moving and grooving at the Fall for Dance Festival. You’ll enjoy live performances from the masters of movement as well as free dance lessons. (October 1st-13th) New York Film Festival: New York City is home to a lot of movies and movie makers. Celebrate the cinema at the New York Film festival by enjoying new movies from upcoming artists. (October 1st-14th) shutterstock_234385465 Archtober: Throughout history, countless genius architects have left their stamp on New York City. We have the most memorable architecture in the world and Arctober celebrates that fact all October long with events, tours, and exhibitions. (Runs all of October) Spooky Pumpkin Garden: New York City may not seem like a great place for traditional Halloween jack-o-lantern enjoyment but it totally is. The Bronx Botanical Garden hosts it’s yearly pumpkin display, which is great for families of all kinds. (Runs all of October) Brooklyn EMF: The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is your chance to get down with the hottest beats and coolest artists. Music fans flock from across the globe to enjoy this totally radical event. (October 3rd-6th) shutterstock_362893757 Taste of the Village: This fab food festival is just what it sounds like. Sample food from the very best restaurants from across Greenwich Village to find your new favorite spot. (October 4th) New York Comic Con: The biggest, nerdiest convention in the world comes to NYC. Celebrity guests, cool costumes, and endless geeky fun await you. Get your own costume ready! (October 4th-7th) Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns: Prepare for All Hallows Eve by checking out this incredible Jack O’ Lantern spectacular. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see the humble pumpkin transformed into spooky works of art! (October 5th-29th) shutterstock_643141957 Blood Manor:  New York City’s most terrifying haunted house opens its doors in anticipation of Halloween. Gather your most trusted friends, grit your teeth, and prepare for a terrifying journey into a creepy nightmare. (Opens October 5th) Busfest 2018: The history of our great city is filled with busses. People have been using them to get around forever, and the story behind them is actually pretty cool. The New York Transit Museum offers you the chance to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating mass transit machines from our history. (October 7th) shutterstock_1141750457 Indigenous Peoples Celebration:  It’s important to remember that the native people of North America settled Manhattan long before we did. Each October, they invite us to Randall’s Island to rethink Columbus day and celebrate the indigenous people who came before. (October 8th-9th) Tacos and Tequila: Who doesn’t love tacos and tequila? NOBODY. Which is why you should run--not walk--run to the Tacos and Tequila event hosted by top NYC chefs. (October 11th) Chelsea Night Market: Chelsea market is really, really awesome. It might be too awesome. It’s just impossible to sample everything available...unless it’s at the Chelsea Night Market. $95 gets you a ticket to taste and sample everything and anything you want! (October 11th) The New York Coffee Festival: New York would shut down in about five minutes without coffee, which is what makes the New York Coffee Festival so important. Sample brews, learn the craft, and enjoy an endless caffeine buzz. (October 12th-14th) shutterstock_343130309 Spooktacular Night Walks: The Bronx Zoo isn’t just for kids--adults can enjoy it too. Ditch the little ones for a night time visit to the zoo where you’ll enjoy drinks, appetizers, and (of course) animals. (October 12th and 19th) PDN Photo Plus: Does your love of photography extend beyond Instagram? If you love the art of photos and film, the PDN Expo will definitely please you. There’s a reason this festival attracts nearly 20,000 photographers each year. (October 25th-28th) shutterstock_504439945 Crypt Tours at St. John the Divine: Are you hoping for a truly terrifying Halloween experience? Muster your courage and head down into the crypts beneath NYC’s largest cathedral to experience a truly unsettling environment. What could be more creepy? (October 26th-27th) 24 Hour Plays: How long does it take to create a play? Months? Years? How about 24 hours? The 24 hour play festival features famous actors in hastily prepared plays. You'll be surprised how great they actually are! (October 29th) shutterstock_704131192