The Best Seafood in NYC

July 5th, 2018

Independence Day may be over but that doesn’t mean that the party has to stop. It's the perfect time to kick back and feast on some of the best seafood in New York City. Our proximity to the ocean makes it pretty easy to get your hands on fresh fish, but seafood it can be tricky to find a chef who's a true seafood master. Don't worry--there are tons of them and we know just where they are... Cull & Pistol-Oyster Bar: shutterstock_1097972069 If you’ve explored Chelsea Market there's a good chance you’ve already noticed The Lobster Place Seafood Market. This sensational fishmonger routinely offers the freshest seasonal ingredients for home cooking. Their considerable success has convinced them to take the next logical step: Opening a totally rad oyster bar. With a vibrant atmosphere, casual setting, and delicious eats you're guaranteed to return to time and again. Burger & Lobster: shutterstock_482448943 What if you built a restaurant menu around only two prime ingredients? How amazing could you make it taste if you were ultra-focused in your menu choices? The folks at Burger & Lobster set out to answer that question. They figured if they were only going to be offering two main ingredients, they’d better pick popular ones. Nab a seat at Burger & Lobster and you’re going to enjoy lobster, beef, or a combination of both. It's actually kind of genius. Next time you want red meat but your friends are craving seafood, this is the perfect solution. Sometimes simplicity is bliss. Luke’s Lobster: shutterstock_407933644 If you’re in the East Village and you smell something amazing, you’re probably in the vicinity of Luke’s Lobster. This tiny lobster shack is the birthplace of a restaurant chain that is growing at a seemingly unstoppable rate. Luke’s doesn’t just offer great food in a cozy setting--they’re committed to getting their lobster from local, sustainable sources. You'll taste no fillers, preservatives or icky additives when you sink your teeth in their iconic Lobster Roll. More importantly, it’s all ethically sourced, so no fisheries are damaged to get you fed. Eat at Luke’s Lobster and you’ll be doing your part to ensure that people are enjoying seafood for generations to come. Milo’s New York: shutterstock_1032036160 Estiatorio Milos is a crown jewel in the rapidly growing Hudson Yards neighborhood. This little haven of culinary bliss features outdoor seating, gorgeous waterfront views, and superior dining. The key to their popularity lies in their traditional Greek twist on East Coast Seafood. Select your fish directly from their open ice bar, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail while it’s expertly prepared by a top-notch team. Milo’s impeccable service and attentive wait staff will meet your every need and leave you feeling like an absolute VIP. Morimoto: shutterstock_743794786 We’ve already named Chef Morimoto amongst the very best in the city, so isn’t it about time you experience his amazing food? This incredible sushi spot doesn’t just offer great food and Iron Chef pedigree; it’s also got impeccable service and a totally unique atmosphere. Morimoto has pushed the art of sushi and traditional kaiseki cuisine to new levels, seamlessly merging it with western culinary tradition. In the constant hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Morimoto promises to be your ‘oasis of calm’. The Water Club: shutterstock_1048399834 Where do you go after a long day of cruising the Manhattan waterways on your luxury yacht? The Water Club of course! This floating seafood heaven allows sailors to dock their vessels right out front to instantly satisfy their seafood craving. Their wonderful seasonal cuisine fits perfectly in their classic, club-like atmosphere. Don’t worry if you’re a landlubber--there’s a street entrance too! The Boil NYC: shutterstock_1015153240 Nobody loves seafood as much as the folks down south. We're talking way down south--where cajun food reigns supreme. There is so much culinary wonder in NYC it's easy to forget there aren't a ton of cajun restaurants. Lucky for you, one of those southern cajun spots has moved north and opened their doors in the heart of our city. There's nothing fancy at The Boil. Choose your dish. Choose your sauce. Choose your spice level. Let the feast begin and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.