4 Awesome Gadgets to Survive and Thrive in NYC

July 30th, 2018

This town is big, beautiful and complicated. It's not enough to simply survive the big city--you want to thrive. Luckily technology is here to help! The web is filled with amazing inventions to make your life in the city just a little bit easier. We're excited to recommend these awesome gadgets to help you survive and thrive in NYC. HybridLight Journey: Is there anything you can't do with a smartphone? Call a cab, text a friend, shoot a video in 4K. The possibilities are endless. There's just one flaw: power. Cell phone juice can only stretch so far and we bend over backwards to avoid the dreaded mid-day hunt for an unused public power outlet. There's nothing more awkward or frustrating than standing around a power outlet while you wait for your phone to charge! The HybridLight Journey just might solve everything. Sure, it looks like an ordinary flashlight, but there’s a lot more to it than that. HybridLight can be charged with solar power, which means you just have to clip in on your backpack or set it in a sunny spot for it to charge up. It holds a charge for ages and is totally waterproof. Best of all, it features a hidden USB port which means you can use it to charge your phone literally anywhere. It's beautiful in it's simplicity: a power brick you never have to worry about charging. And it's a flashlight. No more using your phone's flash to see in the dark. In this day and age, nobody should be without something so handy. shutterstock_138726914 Barracuda Konzu: Kickstarter is a wonderland of cutting edge ideas and harebrained inventions. It can sometimes be hard to tell which are which. The Barracuda Konzu has raised more than six times it’s funding goal, so it's pretty clear that people have a lot of faith in it. Most city dwellers carry a backpack or a bag of some kind, but the Barracuda is smarter than all the rest. This is a backpack for the new millennia, one that serves the needs of the modern cityy dweller in several extremely clever ways. The Barracuda can wirelessly charge while it’s in your apartment, so that you can charge your devices while you’re on the go. It will also gently remind you to zip up your bag if you walk off with one of the pockets open, protecting you and your possessions from unscrupulous folk with wandering hands. Even better, you can lock the bag with the press of a button, so your zippers won’t open for anyone but you. With RFID shielding and a retractable key ring, you’ll never feel more sleek, stylish and secure. shutterstock_736797694 Fantom Wallet: In the future, wallets will not exist. Our phone will  make payments for us, swipe us into the subway, and even tip our server. Until that day, we’ll have to slog through life with a wallet, even though they’re terribly imperfect. The unsightly bulge they create can totally ruin the look of your carefully chosen outfit. Digging a card out can be a hassle, and finding the right card will slow you down when you’re in a rush. We all dread being that person who holds up the turnstile during a busy commute because we can’t find our Metrocard. The Fantom Wallet endeavors to solve all of these (admittedly minor but oh-so-annoying) problems. This ultra slim wallet dispenses multiple cards instantaneously at the push of a lever, masterfully fanning them out so you can see which card is which, and quickly nab the one you want. When tucked neatly in your pocket, the Fantom securely holds your cards (and your cash) in place. There’s even a hidden compartment for loose change! Try the Fantom: it's ten times slicker than other wallets.  shutterstock_511848640 Smart Light Bulb: We may take them for granted, but the modern world would fall apart without light bulbs. Before their invention, you had to go to bed when the sun went down, or do all your living by dim, unsafe candle or gas light. Terrible! But strangely enough, since it's invention, the humble light bulb has not really changed all that much...until now. Through the magic of wi-fi, cell phones, and LED technology, there now exists a wide range of sophisticated smart light bulbs. These light bulbs don’t just last forever, they can also be totally customized to your liking. Simply plug your smart bulb into a regular light socket and pair it with your Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. From there you can quickly and easily turn your lights on and off with just a word. Is the lighting in your apartment not romantic enough for your hot date? No problem--simply ask your electronic assistant to dim them. It’s like something out of Star Trek!   shutterstock_560100679