Creatively Living

March 19th, 2018

So, you think all New York apartments are small? Think again. In our new Stonehenge Resident Blog Post Series, we ask our residents to write about a topic they're passionate about. Albert Ayash from Stonehenge 65 has shared with us how he and his wife have made the most of their apartment by creatively living. ----- Living in New York City is a dream. Waking up at 8am, grabbing a quick breakfast, hoping on a subway, and you are right on time for your 9am workday. Pure convenience to living your best life. But people always ask me, “How do you manage to live in such a small space?” The answer is: Creatively Living When we first moved into our 1-bedroom apartment, we were blown away by how much space we actually had. Every 1- bedroom we had looked at previously was not as big as this one. Some of the ones we checked out barely could fit one dresser inside of the bedroom. Luckily, Stonehenge 65 was just what we needed. Before we moved in we mapped out a layout of where we wanted the bed, dressers, couch, kitchen table, and the server to be, and worked from there. We wanted our families, friends, and guests to feel at home when they entered our apartment, and we knew with the lack of space we had to be creative.

First step:

  • Since my wife and I both moved from suburban areas, we had a lot to take with us. So storage was most important to us.
  • We purchased 3 Ikea dressers, all the same color, all the same size.
  • We figured we could place 3 dressers against the wall in our bedroom, and that can serve as a vanity table for my wife, and a place to store all our clothes that didn’t fit in the closet.

Second Step:

  • In order to make sure our home wasn’t cluttered, we purchased storage bins in all shapes and sizes. Some are underneath the bed, some are in the closet stacked up, and some are in the corner behind the couch in our living room.

Third Step:

  • Since there wasn’t much light in our apartment, we purchased 4 standing lamps, and placed them in the corner of each room to create a brighter apartment.
  • The trick to getting standing lamps it to put them in a corner, or a place that it wouldn’t be so noticeable.
Fourth Step:
  • We purchased floating shelves. Floating shelves allow you to create the modern, edgy look for your apartment.
  • You can place picture frames, vases with flowers, and other memorabilia that you want shown in your apartment. These are basically for the objects you want to display on your server, but don’t have enough room.

Fifth Step:

  • Command Hooks! I cannot stress these enough. These are a lifesaver to any apartment. Since it is difficult and not recommended to drill a hole in any of your walls when living in an apartment building, these command hooks make life easier.
  • We were able to hang up artwork, our kitchen gadgets like oven gloves, hand towels, aprons, and so much more.
  • We also placed command hooks on the back of our bedroom door to hang clothing on.

Sixth Step:

  • Since we own enough shoes to fill a department store, and nowhere to put them, we decided to purchase stackable shoe racks for the closet. They can be placed on the bottom of your closet, in the corner of your room, right when you walk in your home, or any place you like.
  • Buying shoe racks is essential to city living, being that you want shoes to be in one place and to look neat.
  • We also purchased a shoe holder that can be hung on the back of our closet door.

Seventh Step:

  • We are avid readers, and enjoy laying back and relaxing with a book, or a magazine article. Even though we have a coffee table, we wanted a place to hold and display our books, and other memorabilia we might have. We purchased a bookshelf, and placed it in the corner of our apartment right next to the TV stand.
  • The best tool to mapping out your apartment is to make sure every inch of space is used. Adding floating shelves, getting storage bins, placing objects in areas that are hidden are all essential to creative living in New York City.

Eighth Step:

  • Adding a pop of color in every room, makes it look bigger than it actually is.
  • We made sure to add a pop of color or some sort of artwork to every room in our house. This makes it more your own, and makes people feel comfortable walking into your home.
With these eight steps, and a couple of your own unique ways, you can make living in New York City seem like you are living in a palace.