Lemonade Giveback

October 10th, 2018

This is impactful! Renters insurance is an absolute must, so we partnered with the fastest and friendliest insurance company out there. Meet Lemonade. Besides the instant sign up and claim payment, these folks are driven by social good! Once a year, Lemonade may donate unclaimed premiums to a charity of your choice during their annual Giveback. FYI, renters insurance is there to reimburse you if something bad happens to you or your stuff (phone, laptop, jewelry, bike, etc) at home or on the go, worldwide! Things like theft, fire, vandalism, some types of water losses (ex. burst pipes), windstorm, etc. You get it. Stonehenge community residents insured by Lemonade are already making an impact! Here are the top five causes that received donations through Lemonade's 2018 Giveback program:
  1. Cycle For Survival
  2. New Story: Building homes, building lives
  3. ACLU: Support civil rights
  4. WIN: Help NYC women in need
  5. International Red Cross
The impact of Lemonade's Giveback in 2018: 2 Starting at just $5/month, who knew insurance could be so impactful? CHECK IT OUT Stay safe!