Independence Day: Stonehenge Style

July 2nd, 2018

We may not be the seat of the United States government but New York City is one incredibly patriotic town. No place in America is more diverse--we’ve got a wider variety of food, culture, and art than just about anywhere else. That’s pretty darn American. We also know how to celebrate Independence Day bigger and better than anyone else. Still haven’t figured out your Fourth Of July Plans? We’re here to help! Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest: shutterstock_557405038 They are the titans of tubular meat. The gods of the gut. The dominators of processed beef. They’re the athletes--and when we say athletes we mean athletes--who take part in Nathan’s yearly hot dog eating contest. We’ve been talking up this culinary conquest on our blog for years now, so if you haven’t yet attended now is the time. Since 1972, Thousands upon thousands of people from have flocked to Coney Island to witness a competition that is as inspiring as it is nauseating. These champions of chum are not your everyday gluttons. They’ve trained all year, stretched out their stomachs, and have mastered the art of guzzling down meat. Even if you’re not particularly interested in watching the gross festivities, you will at least be able to enjoy a delicious hot dog. In this battle for hot dog supremacy, not everyone will become a champion, but we’ll all feel like winners. Travis Day Parade: shutterstock_31003978 Our patriotic history in New York City goes way, way back. In fact, we’ve been hosting a parade for longer than just about anywhere, though the location may surprise you. Staten Island. They started having a yearly parade right after the signing of the Declaration, and it’s been going strong to this day. Centuries ago, a small Staten Island town called Travis decided that people should be doing more to celebrate our awesome new country. They quickly came together to organize their historic first parade. This excellent tradition has grown across generations into the extravaganza that we know and love today. We know, we know, you probably don’t want to leave Manhattan on a holiday but we promise it’s worth the trip! LIC Flea and Food: shutterstock_602001533 The words 'swanky' and 'flea market' aren’t often put together, but it’s totally apropos when in comes to the Long Island City Flea Market. This open air flea market is one of the most unique places to shop for trendy goods in NYC, and it also just happens to be a totally perfect spot to watch the fireworks. That’s why the LIC Flea has decided to convert their popular market into an incredible Independence Day area. The flea market will still be hawking their wares, but there’s also going to be tons of food and extra fun all day long. As the sun goes down and market closes up, the real show begins. Your body, exhausted by a day of shopping in the sun, will be perfectly placed to nab amazing seats for the impending fireworks. It’s just a short subway ride away.. Fireworks Cruise: shutterstock_487904224 Nobody does fireworks better than Macy’s and nobody does fireworks cruises better than the folks aboard the Cornucopia Majesty. This insanely luxurious yacht is the perfect place for you, your family, and your friends to take in the wonder and the majesty of fireworks bursting over the New York City skyline. This family-friendly nautical event only comes once a year, and it’s totally worth the premium price of the tickets. Elegant live music will set the mood as you sip on cocktails and dine on a massive buffet of delicious dishes. The bar is always open and the buffet line is always moving. Once you’re appropriately full and perhaps a bit tipsy, it’s time to head to the top deck for a breathtaking view of the show. We promise you’ve never been this up-close-and-personal with pyrotechnics ever before. Host Your Own Party: Your Stonehenge apartment is awesome and Independence day is the perfect time to show it off. Stock up on beer, buy a bunch of food, and let your doorman know that you’re expecting a lot of guests. Sometimes the best way to celebrate a holiday is in the comfort of your own awesome home! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!