February 2018 Monthly Round-Up

February 2nd, 2018

February is here again! Valentine’s Day brings endless opportunities for romantic entanglement while the city is bursting with opportunities for fun. Your apartment may be warm and comfy, but the real adventure is out there in the big city. Stonehenge NYC brings you another monthly round-up of food, fun and fantastic times. NYC Broadway Week: There’s nothing more ‘NYC’ than a Broadway show, and there are plenty of awesome shows playing right now. Even better? For the first week of February, you can nab two for one deals on the biggest shows! (February 1st-4th) NYC Restaurant Week: Maybe you’re less of a theater buff and more of a foodie? Ditch Broadway and hit up the most dynamite restaurants in the City. You’ll experience amazing eats for a fraction of the usual price. Don’t miss it. (February 1st-9th) Winter Carnival at Bryant Park: Old man winter will (hopefully) soon be settling down for a long nap. Before he leaves, celebrate the magic of winter at Bryant Park. There’s skating for the kids, beer for the adults, and puppet shows for everyone! (February 1st-4th) This One’s For the Girls: At least half of the musical performers in the world are female, so why not celebrate that? This One’s for the Girls is a musical extravaganza featuring Top-40 hits from history, all performed by incredibly gifted singers. (February 2nd-24th) Soul on Ice: Head up to Harlem, strap on some skates, and get your groove on. Soul on Ice is a great opportunity for young girls to bring their families along on a funky ice-capade. Catch the frozen fun before it’s gone. (February 3rd) BAMkids Film Festival: There are loads of amazing short films for kids that never make it to wide release, which is what makes the BAMkids Film Festival so special. Journey to the Brooklyn Academy of Music and experience a cinematic treat that your kids will love. (February 3rd-4th) Kosher Food & Wine Experience: If you keep Kosher, you know how challenging it can be to find great Kosher eats. No more! The Kosher Food & Wine Experience invites you to Chelsea Piers for a food tasting experience where everything is Kosher! (February 5th) Chef Showdown: When Chefs compete--we win! Komeeda is bringing together the top food chef’s from across the city. Feast on their culinary creations and decide who’s the top dog. We can’t imagine a better way to spend a day. (February 8th) Get Mortified Valentine’s Day Show: Valentine’s day is generally reserved for mushy, lovey dovey stuff between couples--but love isn’t easy! The Get Mortified Valentine’s Day Show brings you amazingly embarrassing and cringeworthy relationship stories. These hilarious tales, songs and poems will leave you feeling okay about being single. (February 8th) New York Fashion Week: There’s no city more fashionable than NYC, which means we do Fashion Week in a BIG WAY. If you’re a fashion fan, or just a fashionable person, you won’t want to miss out on the hundreds of shows starring top models and iconic designers. (February 8th-16th) Sesame Street LIVE!: If you didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street, you definitely missed out! Bring your kids to Madison Square Garden to enjoy an amazing performance of live puppets, fun songs, and hilarious antics. (February 9th-19th) Cupid’s Undie Run: Show off your confidence and your physique for a good cause! Cupid’s Undie Run is a quick 15 minute run in your skivvies to raise money to treat Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that affects 1 in every 3,000 children born. (February 10th) Art of Food NY: The preparation of food and drink isn’t just a skill. It’s a bonafide art form. This is the ultimate event for foodies and cuisine connoisseurs. Sotheby’s has gone above and beyond to deliver amazing food from wonderful chefs. (February 10th) Sweetheart Soiree: There’s nothing more nostalgically romantic than an old-fashioned school formal. The Sweetheart Soiree features live music, plush seating, and tasty treats. It’s an old-school way to romance that special someone. (February 10th) Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: What is one of mankind’s oldest inventions? The dog of course! Ever since mankind figured out how to trick wolves into being friendly by giving them treats and petting them, we’ve been perfecting our pups. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is where the top breeders and trainers come together to compete for the coveted Best in Show. (February 12th-13th) Chocoholic Frolic: In the words of the great Tommy Wiseau: “Chocolate is a symbol of love...” Valentine’s Day and chocolate are inexorably linked. Bring your sweetheart to the sweetest tasting around. Chocoholic Frolic will blow your mind with amazing chocolate creations from the world's top chocolate sculptors and artists. (February 13th) Gotham Kings Mardi Gras Celebration: Mardi Gras begins on February 13th and just because we don’t live in New Orleans doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it! The Gotham Kings invite you to join them on a night of fantastic Creole Jazz in the spirit of this classic holiday. (February 13th) MOMA’s Valentines Tour: Show your romantic partner that you have truly great taste in art at the Valentine’s Tour at the Museum of Modern Art. This unforgettable evening features free wine and private art tours. It’s a wonderful night at the museum. (February 14th) Triangulo Valentine’s Tango Workshop: There’s no form of dance more intensely romantic than Argentine Tango. Sweep your Valentines date off their feet with this wonderful evening of dance and chocolate. You’ll learn new steps from the masters and add some formidable moves to your repertoire. (February 14th) Romance Under the Stars: Space is cold, but the feelings your date gives you are warm and fuzzy. Bring them to a truly unique Valentine’s Day event at the Hayden Planetarium and explore the incredible wonders of the final frontier. There’s music, chocolate and even an open bar. (February 14th) New York Entrepreneurs Festival: Do you love the hustle? Are you always tackling the next great idea, business, or adventure? The New York Entrepreneurs Festival is where you can meet like-minded ambitious folks. You’ll learn the secrets of success from the top dogs and pick the brains of business masters. (February 23rd and 24th)