Fantastic Fall Fun in NYC

September 24th, 2018

Saturday marked the beginning of fall, which means crisp days, changing leaves, and opportunities to wear cozy sweaters are all on the horizon. Autumn is the perfect time to stay inside with a warm beverage and a good book. But by the time winter arrives, you’ll probably be feeling a little stir crazy, even if your apartment is an awesome Stonehenge NYC apartment. It’s time for you take advantage of New York City in the fall. Join Stonehenge NYC as we show you the absolute best things to do this fall. Get Your Fall Fashion On: Your summer outfits simply aren’t going to cut it this fall. We all love shopping and autumn weather is the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe. Stores and shopping centers all across the city are updating their selections. A new sweater and a scarf is just the beginning of your fun new look. shutterstock_309882227 It’s also not too late to sign up for Stonehenge NYC’s ALTRD Closet giveaway.  We’ve teamed up with ALTRD to make sure that your clothes always fit just right. Sign up for our giveaway and you’ll be able to try their services absolutely free (assuming you win). A skilled tailor will go through your wardrobe and help you make your favorite outfits even better! A nice bonus is that ALTRD is dedicated to empowering women in need, primarily immigrants and refugees. You can feel good about doing business with them! Check Out Brooklyn Grange: In fall, New Yorkers crave something a bit more rural. An opportunity to pick apples, wander farmland, and maybe even choose a pumpkin in anticipation of Halloween. But to do that, you have to leave the city, right? Wrong. shutterstock_186834584 Brooklyn Grange is an innovative urban farming initiative that turns NYC’s rooftop spaces into usable farmland. Their excellent produce is sold at farmers markets and grocery stores across the city, where buyers are pleasantly surprised to learn that their food was grown within the city limits. If Brooklyn Grange sounds appealing to you, it’s a great idea to check out one of their many workshops. Their classes will show you how to use essential oils, create your own art supplies from freshly farmed vegetables, and how to create an apartment-appropriate urban garden of your own. You can even learn the art of beekeeping if you’re not afraid of getting stung. Visit the Brooklyn Brewery: Nothing takes the edge off a brisk fall day like a tasty beer. New Yorkers are proud of their local brews, and Brooklyn Brewery stands among the best of them. There’s a good chance you’ve already sampled one of their excellent beers, but a visit to the brewery proper is always worth it. shutterstock_1083024392 Their delightful tasting room has transformed the warehouse district of Brooklyn’s Northside into a mecca for seekers of all things bitter and hoppy. Their fall events include beer tastings, Oktoberfest celebrations, and even a weird event where you learn to code while you enjoy their beer. Develop your computer skills and drink? What’s not to love? Get Spooky: There’s something about fall that sends a shiver down your spine, and it’s not just the dropping temperatures. There’s a reason Halloween takes place in the fall. There’s just something a bit spooky about the whole world settling in for a long winter's nap. You may as well embrace it. shutterstock_715011583 New York City actually has some fascinating haunted history, and a Ghost Tour is the perfect way to learn all about it. You’ll encounter the spooks who dwell in Grand Central Station and come face to face with the spirits who haunt Broadway. A ghost tour of New York City makes a for a fantastic fall date. Assuming, of course, that your date won’t be took freaked out by the morbid tales the you’re told. This is especially appropriate around Halloween. --- Still looking for fall stuff to do? Check out last years Stonehenge NYC Fall Blog Post!