Design Guide for the Young Entrepreneur

March 24th, 2018

When beginning your first business endeavor, you’ll probably have a pretty strict budget before the company turns a profit. And for many young entrepreneurs, that means their apartment does double duty, functioning as both a work and living space. Which makes perfect sense; working from home means cutting down on excess expenses, including additional rent, daily commutes, and overpriced coffee runs. But while a home office has plenty of perks, this setup also has its fair share of challenges. So whether you’ve decided to freelance or build an empire, you’ll want to start by taking a hard look at your work environment. Follow this simple design guide and learn how to create a home that will take your business to the next level.

Function First

Whether you’re designing an entire home office or organizing a single desk, it’s important to begin with practical mindset. (Don’t worry, we’ll add some flare later). Take into consideration how this space will be used. Is it your personal study? Will you host clients regularly? How much time will you spend here? All of these questions will help you focus on how your home plays a role in your professional life, and what items are necessary for your space. So if you’re starting a consulting company, you may want to create an open environment that is welcoming to future clients. However, the remote front-end developer may only need a comfy chair in the corner of their living room. shutterstock_692124820


The process of building a business can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Which means it’s vital that you stay focused on your goals, both short and long term. To maintain motivation, give yourself a visible reminder of the future you want to create. Dream of becoming a travel photographer? Pin a few destinations to your bulletin board. Plan to start a Manhattan-based empire? Find some luxury office photos to hang on your wall. Want to write for the New York Times? Frame your favorite article for inspiration. By displaying specific, visible reminders of your goals, you’ll create an uplifting environment that motivates you on even the most difficult days.
source: Glitter Guide

Spaces and Systems

Creating consistent habits are essential to a successful company. And with a home-based business, you’ll want to take your daily routines into consideration. To keep things simple, divide your apartment into two specific areas: personal and professional. This simple step will give you a sense of clarity, organization, and keep you from impulsively binge-watching Top Chef during business hours.

Sound Off

Living in Manhattan means dealing with distracting city sounds. So when it comes to shaping your apartment, minimize the excess noise by incorporating area rugs, wall tiles, and door seals into your decor plan. These simple items help soak up audio vibrations and keep commotion at bay. And if you’re extra sensitive to exterior sounds, download a white noise app to your phone. It’ll work wonders in helping you maintain focus. shutterstock_737900608


While organization and functionality are certainly helpful, the most important factor when curating your environment, is YOU. So get to know your personal productivity style! If you prefer to work from the couch, then don’t buy a desk. If music stimulates your creativity, invest in a quality sound system. Need to zen out while coding? Grab a few house plants. Do whatever is necessary to help minimize distractions and maximize productivity, on your terms. After all, that’s why you began this adventure in the first place.
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