Brunch By The Boroughs

June 25th, 2018

There’s no place on Earth that has embraced the concept of brunch quite like New York City. On weekend mornings, we emerge from our cozy apartments and make the pilgrimage to our favorite brunch spot. We skip sleeping in to stand in line because we love brunch. What could be a more wonderful than cold drinks and culinary delights on a warm Sunday morning? No matter where you are in NYC, there’s an awesome brunch spot waiting for you just around the corner. Stonehenge NYC is here to let you in on the very best brunch places in every single borough! Manhattan-Lafayette: shutterstock_477436588 Although nobody knows for sure, some experts believe that the very idea of brunch originated somewhere in Europe. That’s probably the reason why European fare is so popular for brunch, and why so many European restaurants are favorite brunch options. When it comes to Manhattan brunch--especially of the European variety-- you really can’t beat Lafayette. Lafayette is the brainchild of Chefs Andrew Carmellini and Brian Nasworthy. This market-driven French bistro fills their menu with the tastiest possible local ingredients. It’s a true homage to all genres of French dining, using ingredients from just around the corner. The brunch menu at Lafayette is actually pretty light. You won’t find pages and pages of options. What you will find is about a dozen obsessively-perfected brunch entrees supported by an incredible selection of masterfully prepared pastries. Make sure you get your reservations well in advance. Brooklyn-The Farm on Adderley: shutterstock_334960979 What could convince loads of New Yorkers to trek all the way out to far side of Brooklyn? If it’s not Prospect Park or The Brooklyn Museum it must be The Farm. This tiny little brunch haven in Ditmas Park has amassed a huge following based on the excellence of their food alone. The Farm’s entire philosophy on food is right there in their name. They want your food to taste so fresh it feels as if it never left the farm. Their farm-to-table approach sources meats, dairy and even mushrooms right from New York state. The chef’s genius tweaks to traditional middle-american recipes prove that even if you can’t reinvent the culinary wheel, it absolutely pays to keep trying. One bite of their stone-milled grits and you’ll have a new excuse to visit Brooklyn. Queens- Queens Comfort: shutterstock_113212462   It has been said that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. There are loads of places in Queens that do ‘comfort food’ but none with the passion and ferocity of Queens Comfort. Their no-holds-barred approach to food has made them an unabashed favorite in their neighborhood and beyond. The food may be the star at Queens Comfort, but the friendly staff and comfy atmosphere are what keeps people returning to their doors time and again. Atomic fireball mac and cheese is great, but it’s even better when you feel like you’re surrounded by family. The only drawback to Queens Comfort is its own popularity. They don’t take reservations so it pays to show up early, lest you wind up in the ever-present line of hungry people on the sidewalk out front. Cash only and no reservations only work if you’ve got something truly special inside. The Bronx- 188 Bakery Cuchifritos: shutterstock_602281421 Not all brunch experiences are alike, and that’s a very good thing. The Bronx is the melting pot of NYC, home to so many different cultures and people that you just know the food has to be amazing. Most brunch spots will try to woo you with swanky decor and bottomless mimosas--not 188 Bakery Cuchifritos. This place promises you only one thing: incredible food. Walk through the door of this utilitarian cafe and you’ll be confronted with mountains upon mountains of incredible Puerto Rican fare. While folks at lesser brunch spots are trying to catch the waiter's eye, you’ll be digging into mofongo, crispy chicken, and fried plantains. Their menu is massive, and somehow everything on it is good. 188 Bakery Cuchifritos is one of those happy little culinary accidents. It didn’t set out with the goal of becoming a food mecca, but somehow it caught the attention (and the appetites) of just about everyone. The line might be long, but (trust us) it moves real fast. Staten Island- J’s on the Bay: shutterstock_75950557 Staten Island might lie far across a body of water, but it’s still part of New York City, and the ferry is free! J’s started it’s life as a cute local diner and slowly transformed into one of the most charming brunch locations in all the five boroughs. Their elevated takes on traditional breakfast fare have created a brunch menu that stands far above the rest. The locals flock to their doors, keen to experience the ever-changing menu of incredible eats. It’s a bonafide foodie heaven. J’s has long been a local secret but word is starting to slip out. Every weekend they recieve more and more visitors from the other boroughs. They line up and clamour for reservations. If you’re smart, you’ll join the crowd on this one. It’s well worth the trip.