The Best Deals in NYC

July 25th, 2018

New York City might be expensive but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be smart with your money. We New Yorkers are able to live in this awesome city because we know how to spend smart. We’re equipped with a keen nose for sniffing out deals and we only pay top dollar for things that are truly worth it. A true New Yorker is always looking for a way to have a great time while still being smart with their money. Stonehenge NYC is here to hook you up with some insider deals you’ll totally want to get in on. Mealpal: There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but with Mealpal you can get one for an incredibly reasonable price. New Yorkers spend a ton of money on their mid-day meals. Sure, we try to do the whole meal-prep thing, bring a bagged lunch, and save a few bucks but we inevitably fall behind. Before we know it, we’re in the line at Pret again, paying $10 for a thimbleful of soup and half a sandwich. Mealpal has done the impossible by democratizing lunch. The creators of this app have partnered with hundreds of restaurants around the city to drive down lunch prices through the power of mass production. Here’s how it works; simply download the app, pay the monthly fee, and then choose your meals ahead of time. Every day, your favorite lunch spots offer a Mealpal special. That means if you have the app, you can pick your pre-selected, premade lunch ahead of time. You'll skip the line, and be off with a delicious, healthy meal that’s under $6! Even better, Mealpal helps you find new and exciting lunch spots in your neighborhood. There’s nothing more tasty and convenient than Mealpal. shutterstock_408695947 Via: Uber and Lyft have been jockeying for the top spot in the ride sharing world for some time now, but there are other, better options. The war for ride-sharing supremacy is not over, and the growing popularity of Via proves that. It’s unique app that has utterly undercut its competitors when it comes to pricing. Their goal is to make grabbing a cab no more expensive than hopping on a bus. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. The secret sauce in the Via app is their cutting-edge ridesharing algorithms. Call for a Via and in under a second you’ll be matched with a driver who’s heading your way. As you drive along towards your destination you’ll be joined by other riders heading in the same direction. It’s a lot like Uber Pool, but somehow it’s even cheaper. Of course, you won’t enjoy the privacy you’d have in a regular cab, but you also won’t pay the hefty fare. With Via ridesharing isn’t just more affordable, it’s also more environmentally friendly because drivers aren’t going out of their way with separate passengers. Try it! shutterstock_1116646712 MoviePass: There’s nothing better than a day at the movies, but movies in New York City are more expensive than anywhere else! The average cost of a movie ticket here is almost $15 and that’s not counting the popcorn and other concessions that truly make the movie going experience. MoviePass has partnered up with movie theaters across the country to drive down ticket prices everywhere. You’ll pay only $9.95 a month and enjoy unfettered access to movies all across the city. Of course, there are some restrictions. You can only see a movie once and you’re limited to the most basic form of ticket. That means no 3D, IMAX or anything fancy like that. Also, you can only use your MoviePass to reserve seats when you’re within 100 yards of a theater, which makes planning ahead a bit tricky. Despite the questionable economics behind their system, MoviePass is still skyrocketing in popularity. Your MoviePass card is currently accepted at 91% of theaters across the country, which covers just about  every one in NYC. MoviePass is an ambitious little app that is as yet unproven. We'll be honest: there's a chance they could shut down any day. Still, you might as well try it while you still can. You won’t find a better price on a movie ticket anywhere else in the city, that’s for sure. shutterstock_129383348 The New York Public Library: We know, we know, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of a library. Borrowing books is the best way to get your literary fix without spending a dime (late fees excepted). But like most things in NYC, the New York Public Library is a cut above the rest--offering tons of extras you might not know about. Our big city library has really kept up with the times. They’re not just a handy spot to pick up a battered paperback. If reading isn’t your thing, they’ll hook you up with other forms of entertainment. Through their catalog you can access a massive library of music and movies. Maybe you’re a fan of audiobooks but you don’t want to sign up for an Audible subscription? No worries, you can download and listen to audiobooks through their app. Maybe carting around a backpack full of books doesn’t interest you? They’ve got you covered with an ever-growing ebook collection. The New York Public library is a criminally underrated commodity that’s 100% free. Just be sure to bring your books back on time! shutterstock_345087263