The Best Bagels in NYC

October 10th, 2018

Mmmm bagels. Is there any morning treat that New Yorkers love more than bagels? They say that due to the low concentrations of calcium and magnesium in New York’s water, our bagels are just the best. Is this true, or scientifically accurate? Probably.  Whatever the case, we here at Stonehenge NYC certainly love them. There are a lot of amazing bagels in NYC, but a few of them stand above the rest. These are the best bagels in New York City. Kossar’s: Kossar’s has been a staple of the Lower East Side for nearly a century. Their dedication to old world baking traditions have earned them nearly a century of popularity. Like most New York bagels, theirs are first kettle-boiled before being baked. Kossar’s bakes their bagels twice, once on burlap and once on stone. shutterstock_223713790 One thing that might surprise you is the $15 price point of Kossar’s bagels. That’s one pricey bagel, but it hasn’t prevented a line from forming outside their doors on the regular. Kossar’s is also one of the only spots in the city to get Bailys. These hard-to-find muffins are absurdly tasty. Kossar's is absolutely worth the wait...and the price! The Bagel Store: These days, it’s not uncommon to see rainbow bagels during pride month, but this colorful tradition isn’t very old at all. In fact, rainbow bagels have only been a Pride tradition since 2016. These colorful bagels have been such a hit that some even claim they ‘broke the internet.’ So, what was the origin of these rainbow bagels? It just so happens that it was this delightful little bagel store in Williamsburg. shutterstock_719711449 The rainbow bagel has been a staple of The Bagel Store for 20 years. The arduous process of crafting the world's most beautiful bagel is a labor of love. It only took one viral video to skyrocket them to worldwide stardom.  Since then, it’s been often copied but never equaled. The craftsmanship required to create these is not easily replicated. They’ve even started making glitter bagels! So, next time you want a rainbow bagel during pride month, be sure to get it from the original source! Absolute Bagels: Absolute Bagels is a favorite of those who dwell in the Upper West Side, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only are their bagels incredibly tasty, they’re also incredibly affordable! The lines are long and the seats are scarce, but that shouldn’t prevent you from going for it. shutterstock_1007386039 While you wait you’ll be treated to a glimpse of their enormous boiling kettle in which these delectable bagels are heated up. You’ll watch them be transferred into a massive oven for finishing. They’ll serve you the bagel however you please. Will you choose from their wide selection of cream cheese go all out with bacon, egg and cheese? Brooklyn Bagel: While New Yorkers lay snug in their beds, the folks at Brooklyn Bagel are toiling away. They work all night long to produce magnificent batches of delightful and delicious bagels. Their goal is to create a bagel experience that is nothing short of euphoric, and if their continuing success is any indication--they’ve nailed it. shutterstock_1099539146 Contrary to what the name might suggest, Brooklyn Bagel isn’t just located in Brooklyn. They’re steadily opening new locations across Manhattan and Queens. Their bagels are also comparatively healthy thanks to their use of unbleached and unbromated flour. They even have gluten free options and spelt flour bagels for those with a sensitive digestive systems. Healthy attributes aside, Brooklyn Bagel is a great spot to nab phenomenal bagels at a great price. Try their excellent coffee while you’re there.