Beginning Your Interior Decorating Journey

January 27th, 2018

There is nothing like the energy of New York City. It’s the reason that people from around the world flock to this amazing community. However, with all of Manhattan’s hustle and bustle, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. So when beginning the journey of crafting your home, you’ll want to create the perfect escape from the chaos.   So let’s start with the basics. Here are a few tips and tricks to creating your very own peaceful retreat in the city that never sleeps. Start at the Beginning: As with most things in life, interior decorating is shaped by an apartment’s foundation. So take the time to find and invest in the primary pieces of furniture for each room. (Meaning your bed, sofa, dining table, etc.) These items will be the focal point of their space so don’t skimp! You have to create a solid groundwork to build upon with your personal flare. Let it Come to You: When you’re first beginning the decorating process of a new home, it’s tempting to want to style everything at once. And while you’re perfectly welcome to design every last detail before your lease begins, it may be worth the wait. Now that you’ve created a quality foundation for your apartment, take a break. Explore the city. Travel. Check out a museum. Go thrifting. You’d be surprised how many wonderful gems you’ll discover when you least expect it. Plus, you’ll automatically have a memory associated with each newfound piece...bonus points! Create Zones: This is both helpful when working with a large amount of unstructured space and a smaller studio apartment. Section off your home by creating zones. While this can be accomplished with walls or room dividers, consider incorporating tactics that are more open and flexible. Area rugs are perfect for this effect! Simply use different carpeting to designate space in your home. This allows you to create structure, without closing off your environment. Don’t Focus on a Single Style: If you’re not quite sure what vibe you’re going for, then simply look for pieces that speak to you. It’s okay to mix and match differing textures, patterns, and styles. It’s your home! Don’t feel like you have to stick to a particular color scheme or template. Instead, surround yourself with pieces that bring you joy.   Allow Yourself to be Inspired: That being said, if you have a specific theme in mind do some research before making any big purchases. Want to create a Parisian getaway in your Manhattan studio? Go for it! Check out the key elements to this style and allow yourself to be inspired. Don’t Spend a Fortune: Sure, it’s important to invest in quality items, especially when it comes to furniture. But you don’t need to max out your credit card to craft your dream home. Instead, focus on sustainable basics, and then splurge on a few select decorations. That way, those statement pieces will stand out even more!