April 2018 Round-Up

March 29th, 2018

With April comes warmer days, flowers, and probably a few showers as well. The lovely weather beckons you to leave the apartment and jump into everything New York City has to offer. Movie festivals, food tastings, and art shows galore are ripe for the taking. NYC Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival: There’s no better way to celebrate Easter than by attending the biggest Easter parade around. Colorful bonnets, great music, delicious candy and good times await! (April 1st) New Directors Film Festival: These directors might be new to the game but that doesn’t mean they’re not awesome. The New Directors Film Festival at Lincoln Center is your chance to meet the hottest new filmmakers on screen and in person. (April 1st-8th) Macy’s Flower Show: Warmer weather means that flowers will (hopefully) be blooming soon! Macy’s transforms their store into a gorgeous garden in their yearly flower show. Enjoy shopping, attractive bouquets and pleasant smells. (April 1st-8th) New York International Auto-Show: The New York Auto Show continues into April. Check out the latest designs, coolest cars, and top-of-the-line vehicles from the world's top automakers. (April 1st-8th) The Orchid Show: If you missed the New York Botanical Garden’s famous Orchid Show in March, fear not! It continues through most of April. There’s still plenty of floral fun to be had. (April 1st-22nd) Chef Showdown VIII: We recommend a lot of food festivals on this blog, but most of them aren’t vegetarian friendly. Not so in this case. Komeeda’s Chef Showdown VIII is a great opportunity for vegans and vegetarians to sink their teeth into some amazing eats. (April 5th) The Great Photography Show: There are some amazingly talented photographers out there and, for the most part, you won’t find their work on Instagram. Get in touch with the professional side of picture-taking at The Great Photography Show. (April 5th-8th) FIRST NYC-Robotics Competition: They may take over the world someday, but for now robots merely serve us. They also compete for our amusement. Enjoy a battle of programming and design at this exciting engineering contest. (April 5th-8th) Brooklyn Folk Festival: Despite what you might have heard on the radio, folk music isn’t dead. The Brooklyn Folk Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of this classic and wonderful form of musical storytelling. (April 6th-8th) New York Tartan Day Parade: Tartan Day is an annual celebration of Scottish heritage, founded on the anniversary of Scottish independance day. New York City hosts one of the largest and most festive Tartan Day parades. If you enjoy bagpipes and haggis you should definitely check it out. (April 7th) Pillow Fight NYC: Embrace your inner child in this crazy urban pillow fight. Teddy bears, pillows, and everything soft and cuddly become harmless weapons. Sure it’s ridiculous, but it is fun! (April 7th)    MOCCA Arts Festival: Comic book characters are as popular as ever, but their legacy lives in the artists who originally drew them. The MOCCA Arts Festival is a celebration of all things comic related. Buy collectables, meet writers and illustrators, embrace your inner geek. (April 7th and 8th) CoffeeCon: Everyone knows what Comic Con is, right? Imagine a Con not centered around comic books and sci-fi movies but coffee. Taste new brews, meet the coffee makers, and embrace your inner caffeine junkie. (April 7th & 8th) A Taste of Brooklyn: Everybody loves to eat, which is probably why food festivals are so popular. Brooklyn brings their very best eats to the forefront at this excellent urban food fest. (April 10th) Beer Mansion: You’re probably used to enjoying beer at a bar, but how about in a mansion? This Brooklyn Brewery hosted event is an immersive beer experience. As you traverse beer mansion, you’ll taste the very best locally brewed beers. (April 13th & 14th) Earth Day Union Square: Until Elon Musk colonizes Mars, Earth is the only habitable planet in our Solar System. It’s important to take care of our home. Head to Union Square to join your fellow humans in celebration of our awesome planet. (April 15th) PEN America World Voices Festival: The pen is mightier than the sword. Being able to share your ideas through writing is an important skill in the world today. PEN America invites writers and readers from across the globe to discuss the changing world of writing. (April 16th-22nd) Hot Sauce Expo: Do you enjoy your food with a bit of a kick? Brooklyn is hosting a fiery food festival unlike any other. Savor new sauces, feel the heat, and take a pepto bismol while you’re at it. (April 21st and 22nd) Art of the Real: Despite what they may claim, most movies aren’t based on a true story. The Art of the Real festival celebrates those that actually are! These incredible films tell true stories that you have to see to believe. (Starts April 26th) Margarita Rumble: There may not be many sunny beaches in these parts, but that doesn’t mean New Yorkers don’t enjoy a good margarita. As the weather finally heats up, warm up for summer at this excellent margarita festival. Nothing quenches your thirst quite like this sweet and salty treat. (April 28th)