80s Inspiration for the Modern Home

May 7th, 2018

They say that trends come full circle if you wait long enough - and that certainly seems to be the case with the 80s. You can see a resurgence of the decade in recent fashion, music, and interior design. This era was a major milestone in popular entertainment, with vibrant colors and upbeat tunes filling the decade. So while there are plenty of trends that should stay in the past (ahem, the mullet), there are several aspects of the 80s that are worth revisiting. If you’re looking to embrace the fun-loving, pop culture of this time period, but the thought of jungle-print wallpaper makes you cringe, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to subtly incorporate the decade into your current interior aesthetic. So dress up in some neon leg warmers, put on an old Prince vinyl, and begin decorating your home with these reimagined trends of the 80s. Metal From doorknobs to faucets, every home features metal in some way. It’s a small detail that can dramatically change the tone of a space. So if you’re aiming for a touch of the 80s in your interior decor, you’ll want to reach for darker colored hardware. Brass, copper, and verdigris (a gold-tinted metal with a slightly green finish) were incredibly popular during this era. Add these details to your home to pay homage to decade of decadence. Copper_Bridge_Faucet Pastels This soft color palette was a staple of the 1980s. Interior decorators were basing entire design plans around these pale hues. And while pastels are certainly making a comeback, they aren’t quite as overpowering as before. There are a few ways to embrace this trend. If you’re interested in making more of a statement, consider painting a pastel accent wall in your home. However, you’ll want to find a more subtle, slightly earthy tone, and pair it with off-white surrounding walls to avoid an easter egg-like quality. Another option is to look for pastel throw pillows or rugs, if you want to incorporate a slight nod to the 80s without completely changing your current style. pastel-apartment-design-interior-decoration-color-trends Memphis Style If you’re interested in truly embracing this decade, then Memphis style is the way to go. Originating in Milan, Italy (not Tennessee), this approach to interior decor embraces bold colors and geometric designs. The quirky style will transform your home into an art deco painting. However, you can easily incorporate pieces of this movement into your contemporary apartment. Look for postmodern furniture with sharp lines, abstract shapes, and a bold pop of color. Remember, with this flashy design, less is more. To subtly integrate Memphis Style into your current aesthetic, opt for a single centerpiece of furniture. This will add a touch of flare, without completely overpowering the room. Plus, it’s an excellent conversation starter. 80s-Wallpaper-Memphis-Style-3-Pitter-Pattern-758x1011 Flame Stitch While you may not immediately recognize the name, you’d easily remember this bold pattern. Also known as Bargello, flame stitch is a needlework template that became incredibly popular in the 80s. This embroidery style uses long, vertical stitches with vibrant colors in a zig-zagging pattern. Similar to Memphis Style, the flame stitch utilizes geometric lines in conjunction with dramatic shading, to create a psychedelic vibe that strongly aligns with this era. However, as trends have progressed, so has this style of embroidery. You can find similar patterns in muted tones, that complement a more modern apartment. jonathan-adler-flame-stitch-pillow