7 House Plants That Are Very Hard To Kill (and what to do with them)

March 3rd, 2018

There’s nothing like plants to turn your New York apartment into a home. Not only can these simple additions help to add a pop of color to your space, but they also work to purify the air and increase oxygen flow. (A much welcomed perk when living in Manhattan). But if you’ve never explored botany, knowing where to begin can be a bit intimidating. So check out the following list of great starter plants, that are nearly impossible to kill.

1. Air Plants

Why They’re Great: These cute little sprouts don’t even need soil! You can’t get much simpler than that. Just soak them in water every 10 days or so, and you’re good to go! How To Use: You can get incredibly creative with these low-maintenance plants. Hang them from the ceiling, or mount them on the wall to add a unique detail to your home decor. shutterstock_735582160

2. Spider Plants

Why They’re Great: If you want to add a lot of greenery to your apartment, pretty quickly, just grab a spider plant. This species multiplies rather quickly, making multiple baby plants from the original mother. So you can pluck and transfer the new growths to fill up your home. How To Use: Spider Plants are great for hanging, or planting in a large pot, since they grow out more than up. Just water once a week and you’re set. shutterstock_370927343

3. Aloe

Why They’re Great: Not only does an aloe plant look great, it has health benefits too. You can slice off a piece anytime you need to soothe a minor cut or sunburn. How To Use: Aloe doesn’t get very big, so it can fit into just about any environment. Just keep the soil moist and the plant out of direct sunlight. shutterstock_302390615

4. Peace Lilies

Why They’re Great: If you’re looking for a great starter plant, Peace Lilies are the way to go. This flower literally droops over to let you know when it needs to be watered, taking all the guesswork out of care. But to avoid making your lily sad, simply spritz it with a spray bottle every day. How To Use: This plant is definitely a focal point of the room, with many species getting up to 6 ft tall. So find a space where it can spread its leaves and grow. *Added Bonus: Peace lilies help remove toxins from the air! shutterstock_180594872

5. Jade Plants

Why They’re Great: First of all, jade plants are known to be lucky. (Their nickname is the money tree). So adding one to your home may help bring good fortune. Additionally, they’re desert plants that store water in their leaves so you don’t have to keep up with maintenance on a daily basis. Win-Win! How To Use: This plant can handle direct sunlight, so feel free to add it to your window sill. Just make sure to keep an eye out for it’s shallow roots, sometimes they can spill over the pot if not planted well. shutterstock_663582925

6. Peacock Plants

Why They’re Great: While this plant isn’t as low maintenance as the others on this list, it’s certainly worth the extra effort. The Peacock Plant has gorgeous purple and green striped leaves that really spruce up a room. How To Use: Keep these babies out of direct sunlight so their leaves don’t fade, and water semi-frequently, making sure the soil is always moist. shutterstock_626407199

7. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Why They’re Great: Okay, so the name is a bit weird. But trust us, this plant is great. It has a sleek look that is perfect for a more modern-styled home. How To Use: This may be as close to indestructible as a plant can get. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue doesn’t need much regular care, and can go up to month without water. Ideal for busy New Yorkers. shutterstock_679786570