7 Furniture Tricks for Small Apartments

April 14th, 2018

In Manhattan real estate, every square foot matters. But just because you’re tight on space, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality interior decor. There are so many ways to make your home look bigger and feel less cluttered! Focus on furniture that creates the illusion of an open environment.  Whether it be transparent chairs or floating bookshelves, these furniture tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your apartment, no matter the size!

Less Is More

When furnishing a small room, that big, comfy sofa is a total dealbreaker, right? Nope! It’s actually better to go with one large couch than multiple chairs when you’re tight on space. This shift keeps the room from feeling cluttered, while simultaneously featuring your sofa as a statement piece in the living area. shutterstock_786280726

Double Duty

When you’re working with limited space, it’s important to utilize every square inch. And the best way to do this is through multi-purpose furniture. While ottomans are a perfect example of this double-duty combo, nearly every major piece of furniture has options for sneaky storage. So get creative!

Show a Little Leg

While it’s inevitable that larger pieces of furniture will take up more space in your apartment, that doesn’t mean you have to feel crowded. One tip is to incorporate pieces with a thinner base structure. Find a couch with exposed wooden or steel legs, rather than a sofa skirt. The same concept goes for tables and desks. Opt for a sleek frame, over a chunky, block base. This visually opens up the room by not obstructing sightlines. shutterstock_678613867

Steer Clear

When it comes to sightlines, consider hopping on the current trend of transparent home furnishings. Glass and lucite tables lend well to a modern design, while not inhibiting the flow of the room. These clear alternatives give the illusion of more space and less clutter. (Plus they’re perfect with any color scheme!)

Open Up

When a room is oriented toward the wall, it can feel a bit claustrophobic at times. So when possible, arrange your living area so that the couch faces a window. This simple shift helps give the space a bright, open feel. Don’t have enough windows to work with? No worries! Add a few mirrors to create the appearance of a more expansive apartment. shutterstock_554246101

Keep it Low

Floor space isn’t the only thing to consider! If you want to create the illusion of high ceilings, optimize on low sitting furniture. Combine a shorter sofa or armchair, with high-hanging wall art. This draws the eye upward, hinting at expansive vertical space. shutterstock_374203840

Hang Everything

When it comes to effectively utilizing small spaces, wall mounting pieces are your new best friend. Whether you’re hanging bookshelves or fastening a collapsible desk, these simple hacks allow you to clear up any extra clutter, while still maintaining workable floor space. It’s a win-win! shutterstock_152873624