We here at Stonehenge NYC love podcasts. Listening to a podcast is a great way to get through a long subway ride or even just a walk to the store. They make you smarter, they make you laugh, and most of them are free!

If you’re a podcast lover, you’re always on the lookout for the next great listen. We’re here to help. These are some of our favorite podcasts to listen to right now!

Office Ladies:

There are a ton of podcasts out there dedicated to re-watching and discussing television favorites, but this is the only one hosted by the people who starred in the show. The Office is one of the most beloved American Sitcoms of all time, and Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey were there for it all.

Each week, they’ll sit down and watch a new episode of the show. They’ll share trivia, insider secrets, and behind-the-scenes stories. They even bring on cast and crew members to fill in the blanks. If you’re an Office fan, this is one podcast you won’t want to miss.


Being an adult is hard, and when it comes to planning your finances, it gets even harder. Many of us would rather not even think about saving, investing, and planning for the future. If you’re not a financial guru, ChooseFI is the podcast for you.

Each week hosts Jonathan and Brad will invite you to Choose Financial Independence. They’ll share a bit of information with you about how to achieve financial independence. Whether you want to retire early, travel the world, buy a house, or just cut costs, they’ll break it all down. They keep it simple, so it’s easy to understand, even if you don’t have a great head for numbers. If you haven’t been thinking about your money, it’s time to ChooseFI.

Levar Burton Reads:

Levar Burton taught an entire generation to love reading on Reading Rainbow. So many of us grew up with him, whether he was sharing stories or fixing the warp engines on the starship Enterprise, but what’s he up to these days? Hosting a critically acclaimed podcast - that’s what!

Levar brings you back into a world of imagination with Levar Burton Reads. Each week he’ll read you one of his favorite short stories. From sci-fi to love stories to westerns, there’s something for everyone. His masterful narration blends with highly produced soundscapes to paint pictures in your mind. It’s the perfect way to check out of reality and reset your brain. 

Quentin Tarantino’s Feature Presentation:

Is there any modern filmmaker more controversially brilliant than Quentin Tarantino? His films have shocked and amazed audiences for decades, but his career is winding down, if he is to be believed. Luckily, this isn’t the last we'll hear from Quentin--he’s got a podcast now!

This three-part podcast series follows the life and lineage of one of America’s greatest filmmakers. He’ll sit down with Hollywood film critic Amy Nicholson to discuss his influences, his favorite films, and even his childhood. If you’re a movie lover, be sure to check it out.

13 Minutes to the Moon:

It’s been 50 years since we first visited Luna, the giant sphere of dusty rock that most of us simply call ‘the moon’. Isn’t it about time we went back? The BBC World Service invites you to hear the untold story of the Apollo program and the people who made Mankind’s wildest dream a reality.

This isn’t some amateur re-telling of the moon mission either, it’s got new interviews with the astronauts themselves and a score by famed composer Hans Zimmer. Real NASA scientists will lay out the challenges of the mission and explain how they solved them all and broke every scientific barrier imaginable. It’s nothing short of epic.

If I Were You:

There are a lot of advice podcasts out there, but none of them are this funny. You might already know Jake and Amir from their days on the now-defunct College Humor website. This comic duo has moved on from their humble origins into the fertile lands of podcasting.

Each week, they’re going to give out some advice. How do you give a wedding speech? Is it okay to flirt on the subway? Their answers are anything but helpful--but at least we’ll get a few laughs out of it. Jake and Amir mock their listeners, go off on tangents, and generally mess around. Never was something so unproductively entertaining. The perfect waste of time.