Most of us have been staying home, working at home, and spending literally all of our time at home in the past few months. As such, our standards for what we wear may have...slipped. What’s the point in following a dress code if any time if you’re not going out, seeing co-workers, or presenting yourself professionally in any way?

We here at Stonehenge NYC think it’s about time we embrace this new bit of freedom. We’ve compiled a handy list of the most devastatingly comfortable and surprisingly appropriate clothing that you simply must add to your wardrobe (and wear regularly) as soon as possible. 

Let’s start with...

Smoking Jacket:

Once the attire of playboys and rich guys, generally worn while enjoying a cigar and a glass of scotch, we think it’s high time to reclaim the smoking jacket. What a smoking jacket does best is blur the line between a professional suit and a sleeping robe. It’s hard to deny it adds a certain amount of old world class to any outfit.

Next time you’re walking around your apartment in your underwear and remember you’ve got a video conferance in five minutes, don’t scramble for clothes. Simply slide into your smoking jacket, and maybe fix your hair. Your co-workers will likely be too busy complimenting your style to notice that you haven’t showered in three days.

Slipper Socks:

These days your shoes are probably collecting dust in the corner, which means you’re not really fully dressed until you’re wearing your socks. That means you can’t just wander your apartment all day in a pair of random old socks. Chances are your floors are a bit too slippery for that anyway.

The solution is slipper socks. They’re just like normal socks, but they’ve got a bit of extra traction on the bottom, which makes them perfect for lockdown lounging. Your feet will stay warm and you won’t have to worry about sliding around your apartment all day.

House Dress:

Although we often wear a dress to look fancy, the sad fact is there aren’t too many fancy events to go to anymore. Luckily, the house dress was invented specifically for spending time around the house. Or in the case of most New Yorkers, the apartment.

House dresses rose to prominence in the late 19th century for purely practical reasons. They’re generally more comfortable and loose fitting while being made out of a durable, easy-to-wash material. That said, a good house dress can make you look totally fab. Embrace the house dress, and you’ll never want to go back. 


Have you given up entirely on appearing presentable? Is being as comfortable as possible really the only thing that matters to you anymore? We don’t blame you, and that’s why we won’t hesitate to recommend the Snuggie. You can pick the 'name brand' by clicking the link above or grab a knock-off on Amazon.

This surprisingly popular garment is more than just a backward robe. It’s the perfect way for you to feel comfy when you haven’t left the house in three weeks. Is it stylish? No. Is it practical? Sort of. Should you burn it when this quarantine is finally over? Without question.

Your Sunday Best:

All those suits and swanky dresses have been gathering dust in your closet for months. Maybe it’s time to take them out for a spin. Just because you’re going to be spending your entire day locked inside doesn’t mean you can’t remind yourself of how things used to be. You’ve dressed comfy so many times that you’re probably bored of it. 

When you wake up tomorrow, throw on a dress shirt and a tie, or maybe that dress you love. Heck, go all the way out and put on your Sunday best. We’re certain that Feig is still wearing suits every day. You’ll be reminded of what a good looking person you really are and feel a little more human. You might even impress your boss and co-workers on any video calls you might join.