Last month, Stonehenge NYC shared some of our favorite uplifting stories to lift your spirits during quarantine. Since then, the world has continued its battle against COVID-19 and more awesome people have stepped up to make the world a better, happier, safer place.

So, to keep your spirits up, we’re sharing four more amazing stories from the last month to show you that the world is still a wonderful place filled with excellent people. 

A Very Big Tip:

We all miss our favorite restaurants as we hunker down during quarantine. Fortunately, many of them have managed to remain open with only take out and delivery available, it’s impossible to deny that they’re all struggling right now.

A customer of an Arkansas steakhouse decided to help out their favorite business. After paying for their to-go order, they went ahead and left a $1,200 tip. That was the entirety of their government-issued stimulus check. 

This incredible tip was a godsend for the steakhouse, allowing each employee to take home about $100. In these tough times, that amount of money was a glimmer of hope and a huge lifter of spirits for the steakhouse staff and everyone who heard the story. 

A Free Vacation:

We could all use a little vacation right now, but none of us more so than our essential hospital workers. These tireless heroes are on the front line and they ask for no reward. But at one NYC hospital, they got a whole lot more than they expected.

Hyatt and American Airlines teamed up to offer the entire staff of an Elmhurst hospital a totally free vacation. When the world starts to go back to normal, they’ll be entitled to a free flight and three days stay to locations all across the United States and the Caribbean.

This isn’t just a great opportunity for doctors, nurses, and hospital workers to get a little rest and relaxation. For many of them, it’ll be their first chance to see distant family members for the first time in months. We can only hope they’ll be able to take advantage of this gift sooner rather than later!

A Tree Tsunami:

Folks all across the globe are feeling the burden of unemployment during quarantine. But in Pakistan, a new movement has emerged that seeks to put people back to work while helping the environment. With cities largely shut down, a massive portion of the workforce was looking for a way to get back to work and start earning money.

Starting in 2018, in an effort to combat rising CO2 levels, the Pakistani government launched an initiative to start planting as many trees as possible. Now, they’ve ramped the project up into high gear. This has been a golden opportunity for thousands of unemployed workers to pick up a shovel and pitch in.

While most of them don’t make as much money as they would at their regular job, their earnings are a crucial lifeline. They’ll be able to get by until things return to normal, allowing them to weather the storm while helping preserve the environment for future generations.

The Irish Return the Favor:

You never know how long it might take for a favor to be repaid. All the way back in 1845, Ireland was in the grip of a massive famine. A massive crop failure led to a sustained period of starvation and disease. Although they had problems of their own, the Choctaw Nation did their part to help out and donated $170 to help out.

While $170 might not seem like a lot by today’s standard, it was worth a lot more back in the day. Today, Native communities in North America are being heavily impacted by the current epidemic. A group of Irish citizens remembered their past generosity and decided to do something about it.

They started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for rural Navajo & Hopi families affected by COVID-19. Donations flooded in and to date, they’ve raised nearly 4 million dollars. That’s quite the return on a $170 donation! The campaign is ongoing so feel free to click the link above and contribute!