Ramen Noodles may be most commonly associated with college students and late night hangovers, but as any true New Yorker can tell you, there’s a lot more to them. NYC is brimming with amazing ramen restaurants that know how to elevate this humble noodle into something truly extraordinary.

But did you know that you can make amazing ramen recipes from the comfort of your apartment? There’s no need to fork over the cash for take out. These recipes aren’t just cheap and easy. They’re also delicious. Next time you’re looking for your next meal, consider trying one of these ramen hacks!

Ramen Pad Thai:

Pad Thai is loved by New Yorkers and the citizens of the world at large. But what do you do when your favorite Pad Thai joint is closed at 3am and you just need to eat Pad Thai. If you’ve got a packet of instant ramen, some peanut butter, and a bit of hot sauce then you’re in luck.

Start by boiling your noodles on the stove top. While they’re cooking, microwave a tablespoon of peanut butter in the bowl you're going to use for your noodles until it’s melted. We recommend crunchy peanut butter if possible, but you can always use the smooth stuff if that’s all you have. 

Drain all of the water off and plop your noodles in the bowl along with their flavor packet and your desired amount of hot sauce. Add extra peanuts if you have them and stir everything up. You’ll find this ramen Pad Thai to be devastatingly delicious and hard to beat.

Bacon and Eggs:

Many restaurant ramen recipes come with come with slices of pork belly and as well as a soft boiled egg. A soft boiled egg is pretty simple, but pork belly isn’t exactly quick and easy. Since this blog post is all about convenience we recommend you look no further than your breakfast stores to complete this ramen recipe.

Boil your noodles as directed on the packet, but crack an egg in at the start. This will poach your egg and add a bit of protein to the dish. Of course, the real treat here is bacon. Scrounge up a few slices of bacon from your fridge and fry them up on the side while your noodles and eggs cook together.

Add your flavor packet, stir, and tear up that bacon. Sprinkle it on top with some green onions and you’ll be dining on masterfully prepared noodles that will make your roommates jealous. As always, be sure to add a hot sauce like Sriracha for an extra kick.

Veggies, Frozen and Otherwise:

Just because you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, that doesn’t mean you have to eat your ramen totally plain. It’s always a good idea to keep your pantry stocked with fresh and frozen veggies. You can ingeniously upgrade your ramen with your favorite veggies.

If you’re working with frozen veggies, we recommend you run them under hot water for a few minutes before cooking. If you’re working with fresh veggies, it’s even easier. Leafy salad-type veggies like spinach, cabbage and bock choy will wilt and reduce down when added at the end of the cooking process. 

Carrots, peas, beans, and even corn can be added as soon as the water starts boiling. They’ll cook nicely alongside your noodles and go great with your flavor packet and optional hot sauce.

Keep Experimenting:

Our favorite thing about ramen noodles is how versatile they are. You can experiment by mixing and matching these three hacks to create the optimum noodly goodness. Pad Thai with eggs and bacon is a protein lover's dream, for example. 

Ramen hacks are the perfect way to take a boring old pantry staple and transform it into something amazing. The only limit is your imagination!