The holidays are right around the corner, which means hopefully you've already started your gift buying! That said, choosing the right gift for the right person can be tricky. We here at Stonehenge NYC are here to help.

Sometimes the easiest way to choose a holiday gift is to simply go through a bunch of suggestions. That’s what this blog post series is all about. 

We’ve already featured gift guides for Mom and Dad and guys, but chances are you’ve still got more gifts to buy in your life. What about that girl in your life? The friend, wife, girlfriend, sister, or even just casual office acquaintance? Here are some amazing gift ideas she’ll love.


There are few things more enjoyable than a good sleep, and it seems that there’s no end to pajama options for women. As big holiday snowstorms prepare to hit the city, hook her up with the most cozy pair of PJ’s you can find. From flirty to fuzzy, there is really no end to the possibilities when it comes to sleepwear.

Apple Airpods Pro:

Apple continues to innovate in the realm of personal audio with the Airpods Pro. These high-tech earbuds feature active noise cancelling for immersive sound, a customizable fit, crisp audio, and even feature a transparency mode so she can hear what’s going on around her when she needs to. They’re a little pricey, but she’s worth it!

Air Fryer:

It’s hard not to love fried food, which is too bad because it’s not exactly the healthiest thing. If she’s a foodie who wants to keep it healthy, how about an air fryer? These handy kitchen fryers need little to zero oil to quickly and easily prepare delicious and healthy food. 

Robot Vacuum: 

Keeping your apartment clean these days isn’t as simple as it seems. We could all use a little bit of extra help with the chores, which is what makes a robot vacuum a great gift. There are tons of options available, for almost any price range, so this could be just the gift she didn’t know she wanted.

Pasta Maker:

Fresh pasta is just better than those dried noodles that take ten minutes of boiling, but usually you can only get it at fancy restaurants, many of which are closing as winter grows colder and the lockdown continues. Luckily, a pasta maker is an easy, artistic way for her to prepare delicious fresh pasta right at home. It’s a relaxing, fun, and tasty way to spend an evening. 

Charcuterie Board:

Okay, we admit it. We’re suckers for a good charcuterie board. We’re talking about those big boards piled with cheese, meats, and other edible goodies. If she’s the kind of gal who likes to post pictures of her food on her Insta, a classy charcuterie board could be just what she wants. At the very least, she can use it as a cutting board!

Peloton Bike:

Okay, this is an expensive gift, but for those of us who are still stuck working from home, it could be a real life saver. The Peloton is the swankiest at-home exercise bike around. It features virtual classes, immersive cardio, and some of the best instructors in the game--all from the comfort of her home.

Pet Portrait:

Is she the kind of gal who’s dog or cat is her best friend? A handsome portrait of her favorite pet can be obtained on Etsy from talented sellers all over the world. She can get her four-legged-friend’s image on everything from dignified paintings, to cookie cutters,  to keepsake jewelry. It’s a truly thoughtful gift!

Wine Saver:

It’s good to enjoy a bottle of wine, but maybe not-so-good to drink an entire bottle in one setting. To prevent her vino from turning to vinegar, a handy wine saver is a must. These stoppers extract the oxygen from the wine bottle so it doesn’t spoil as quickly.

Gift Card:

Is she picky? Are you a bit lazy? Can’t figure out what she’d want? It’s never a bad idea to simply give her a gift card. Add a personal touch by including it alongside a handwritten holiday card so she knows you did put some thought into it!